North America Doesn't Hate GT5

A short rebuttal to an article claiming that North America hates Gran Turismo 5.

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lalalala2828d ago

Exactly what I was going to say on that other article. how the hell can you compare 6 weeks to over a year of sales?

BiggCMan2828d ago

Short, sweet, and to the point. This article kicks the other one in the nuts. Some people just don't use common sense.

hay2828d ago

I can't really believe someone did so broad generalisation based on pretty much nothing.
Publisher usualy knows how many copies should be shipped to the regions to satisfy demand as needed, it's their job.

It's amusing that some people question experts.

And everyone loves GT5. Haven't met person who acutally played the game and didn't like it(except Xbox360 fanboys).

darthv722828d ago

I mean if they want to base the sales of NA to EU then they should have the respect to acknowledge JP as well.

Different territories are allowed to have different buying trends. Nowhere is it written that if the game sells X amount in one territory that is should be equal to or greater than in another territory. As much as the publishers would love just doesnt work that way.

Besides, it's still to early to tell how the first GT game on the PS3 will compare to the first GT game on the PS2 or PS1.

hellzsupernova2828d ago

@hay my mate owns a 360 forza 3 etc. he came over and was like oh gt5 put it in so i did i put him in a 787B around nuremburg and you shouldve seen his reaction he was blown away he loved it he was like the sense of speed the noise everything it was hilarious he left by saying "i knew gt5 would be better then forza but i didnt think it would be that much better"

TBM2828d ago

im american and i sure as hell don't hate GT5. hell ive loved every single release of this series on PS home consoles.

Schism202828d ago

1.5 in North America alone? Thats really good and only in 6 weeks nice!

gaffyh2828d ago

It usually does sell pretty well, I think GT3 actually sold amazingly well in North America, but obviously it always counts LTD sales.

SoapShoes2828d ago

GT3 was heavily bundled as well. I remember tons of GT3 PS2 bundles when it came out.

showtimefolks2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

to when gt5 came out what 6 weeks ago is amazing i say by end of 2011 gt5 life time sales will be at 12-15 million

at the very least 10million plus

where are the critics now gamers have spoken GT5 is the best sim racing game on the market PERIOD

any racing fan on the fence get this game the amount of content goes above and beyond the 60 and now 50 dollar price point

gt 6 in fall 2012 who is with me?

PD should add more community features like forza in gt6 and less cars but more premium cars

also more tracks
plus if possible a nascar full season/career would just be mind boggling


now that the engine is in its place and PD/KAZ knows what they have to improve the thoughts of GT6 are just crazy

this was PD's first major GT release on ps3 well 2nd if you count GT5:P but expect more of the same but a overall better product

if you want them to just completely change gt6's structure not gonna happen too many fans are happy with this old style to us new style a lot of time gamers and critics want something that isn't broken fixed

just enjoy gt5 and hopefully we will get to play a much better gt6 in December 2012 lol GT6 COMES OUT WORLD ENDS LOL


forza 3 i think has sold 3.5 million WW i don't think the us market is a huge racer market its more Europe and some japan.

that's is why and in 6 weeks 1.5 million in the states are

really great numbers

also the main reason the name GT holds a lot of value over 63million sold WW that's a huge number that is why GT sells more than any other racer

Death2828d ago

If great sales means this is the best racing "sim" ever, isn't it safe to say Halo is the best fps ever? I mean, hardcore gamers have been saying sales are irrelevant since 2006, surely a PS3 exclusive that sells well isn't an exception is it?

Just something to think about.


Dno2828d ago

You post does not make sense.

First off there are more people with xboxes in NA. So to have GT sell more the forza in its home town with less of a userbase means a lot!.

Second Call of duty sold way more then halo so call of duty by your logic is the best FPS...

Death2828d ago

My logic? Not at all. To me a game is great if I personally enjoy it. I'm simPly using Halo as an example. Millions of people have enjoyed the game for a very long time and the series is well received by critics. Yet hardcore gamers have said reviews and sales are irrelevant to a games actual worth. GT5 is being labeled as the greatest or definitive here because of sales. That to me seems just a little hypocritical.


showtimefolks2828d ago

if its positive news for ps3 let's try to match it with some other game

gt5 was bashed in the usa yet its selling great halo 3 got all 9s to sell yet i played it and know its one of the better fps on the market

forza in MS homeland sold less than gt5 think about that

Stealth20k2828d ago

finally an article that isnt blinded by pure fanboy insanity and stupidity

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