Halo 3: Killing Mother%*#[email protected]#*s for Fun and Profit

Microsoft's wildly popular first-person shooter game, the latest version of which was released this week, pits anonymous players against each other in violent battle. More disturbing than the violence is hearing a pre-teen call you a "fag" as he shoots you in the head.

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Sayai jin4098d ago

this article points out some issues of online gaming, but it is not singled just to Xbox live. Anytime you have online gaming where you can chat you will alwyas have some immature person saying incensitive remarks. I have experienced it on Xbox live PSN. The articles is wrong about MS starting to take steps to prevent this. They have been doing this with the complaint system for over 2 years. it is annoying though. Hail to all the good gamers. I wish we could create seperate servers for the scrubs!

CyberSentinel4098d ago

"More disturbing than the violence is hearing a pre-teen call you a "[email protected]" as he shoots you in the head."

Xbox Live is where the BIG dawgs STOMP!

If your not hardcore enough to handel it, get offline.

Blind Lemmings, Will Never Understand.

Sayai jin4098d ago

Your partly right. Xbox live has 4 categories of gamers: Family, Recreational, Pro, and Hardcore (the one you are refering to). No one should have to put up with vulgar or immature language or behavior. Thats why you have the option to mute everyone or just a particular person. If you do not like playing with a lot of trash talking gamers I would recommend getting your friend list updated and get a core of people you can relate too.

It also depends on what type of game you are playing. I have noticed you see more intense players playing FPS (gears, Halo, etc) and more causal types playing like Phantasy Star Universe.

Maddens Raiders4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Did you take anytime to read the entire article? No of course you didn't. This is bigger than you and your master chef hard-on dude. No one cares about getting shot in the head -- it's a stupid game; an FPS at that - of course you're going to get shot in the head and people are going to talk trash. Calling someone a [email protected] isn't cool either, but [email protected] is a little more acceptable as derogatory statement like stupid, or dumbass, or asshat rather than really conveying a homosexual hate comment. Not that calling someone a [email protected] is the right thing to do, but I think most rational people can make the difference of what is intentional and what is not. Ultimately, I try not to use those words unless there is a REALLY good reason which is a poor excuse itself

"Microsoft surely isn't the only game company who's dealing with this issue. A now-famous essay called "Bow, Nigger," published in the U.K. edition of PC Gamer, describes the author's experience with casual racism in a game called Jedi Knight 2. A popular YouTube video (now offline) documented racism in a game called Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The phenomenon has not been lost on White power groups, which sometimes use online role-playing games for recruiting purposes."

I was not aware of the article in the UK PCGamer mag. That is disturbing and I hate to say I know a few people on N4G that actually revel and welcome this news. Man, where's the Apocalypse when you need it? This is why there will ALWAYS be war on Earth. I'm not here to insult you Cyber Centinel, but sometimes you make the strangest, narrowminded comments on a very large subject. Open your ears and eyes man.

JokesOnYou4098d ago

but lets not get carried away, I personally enjoy a little "good" old fashioned smack talk, some people cry about it just because they get their feelings hurt easily or they just plain suck. I have been embarrassed many times after being beaten badly by somebody better, but so what? its a fking videogame=

Now there's a big difference between being a "poor loser" and having to listen to somebody who's just way over the top braggin and taking things too far, and definitely anyone who gets personal or spews racist bs is a dumbass.

The simple answer is to MUTE someone who is just annoying with too much "talk" and dont continue to game with foul mouth dumbasses or racists pricks and report them too= nobodys forcing you to continue dealing with them, develop a solid friends list, I've had bad experiences online but by far most of the time I enjoy it, remember an anonymous environment always brings the bad in people, and then of course some people are just assholes to begin with=