vgZero: Dead Space 2 Review

Visceral Games surprised a lot of gamers when they burst into the survival-horror scene with the sleeper hit of 2008, Dead Space, and proved that games could still make you jump. Here we are in 2011 and we’re sinking our teeth into Dead Space 2. The question on everyone’s lips is can a game like Dead Space stand up to a sequel. The story follows former-engineer Isaac Clarke as he attempts to escape the Sprawl, a large colony on Titan (a moon of Saturn), as it is overrun by a Necromorph outbreak much like the one on the Ishimura. It features more of the same glorious dismembering with enough new stuff to keep you entertained from start to finish. The set pieces are bigger, the Necromorphs are scarier, the weapons are awesome, and Isaac Clarke talks but does it all pay off? Find out in the review.

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