Us Against the World: A Lifelong Gamer's Reflection on Growing Up With the Videogame Industry

Justin Belin writes, "Videogames and I were newborns together, crib-mates as it were in the final years of the 70’s. I was a limp mass of soft curves and fat, it was a black brick of harsh angles and clunky silver switches. I was named after my father, it was named Atari. We both found ourselves in our most helpless and awkward states together, without so much of a hint of what we might ultimately become. But from those early days, we were intimately wired together like neurons. The basic fundamentals of my fine motor control were learned at Atari’s classic joystick. My primitive and gelatinous nervous system was modeled and remodeled by the dichromatic flashing lights of Missile Command, Combat, even the infamous ET. Video games and I were both overwhelmed toddlers learning how to walk together on uncertain legs in the early 80’s."

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