Discuss: Overwhelming Lack of Local Split-screen in Online Multiplayer

Chris says: "I am both blessed and cursed with a wife who enjoys video games as much as I do. I am blessed, because she is my enabler. I don’t have to justify buying video games, consoles, or other electronics to her, because she understands the compulsion, and revels in it. I am cursed, because we only have one gaming setup, which means that we must learn to share time with our games. As only children, sharing was never that big of an issue growing up, so you can imagine how difficult it is when we’re nearing 30."

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-Alpha2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Resistance 2
Black Ops
Borderlands, and L4D like you mentioned

It's unfortunate K3 didn't have it because they could have added it. I'd much rather have botzone split-screen than story, but I enjoyed split-screen immensely on the demo. I'm sure if ND has been paying attention they'll add it to UC3.

Yes, it's lacking, but it's gaining momentum from vocal fans. Games require so much effort on making a current gen engine that split-screen comes much after (Killzone, BO, etc) when devs can spare the time. It makes a world of difference for me. It's sad to see games like Burnout remove the feature. Split-screen online isn't hard to do, it just falls off the list of priorities.

To those who'd rather have the screen to themselves: split-screen is an amazing option that greatly enhances the social/fun factor. Games that have them have tons of supporters. Every Halo playlist had one player doing split-screen, as with COD. I love the feature and don't mind splitting my 50 inch when I am gaining social fun.

SnakeMustDie2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I think GG wasn't able to implement it due to time constraints. They have already implemented a lot of features like 3D and move compatibility and I think they thought that campaign split-screen is more important and is a (just as you said)higher priority than online split-screen.

Also, there might be problems with the game engine in which they cannot run split-screen online without having a stable/playable framerate. Maybe a netcode problem but I hope GG adds the said feature in a future update.

-Alpha2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

If they can run SP split-screen I'm sure they can do Multiplayer Split-screen.

But their focus was on making the game more casual, hence 3D and Move being the main focuses.

At the very least it could have been added in botzone. Truthfully it's not a big deal for me because the people in my house aren't Killzone fans, so we just play COD split-screen, but I try to force them to play XD

But you said it : time constraints.

There are actually a lot of things GG said they wanted to do but had to leave out due to time constraints, which is disappointing. I'd rather they delayed the game but I think Sony was pushing for the February deadline. When I hear about the story mode, I keep getting the impression that they rushed it (abrupt ending for example). Guess I'll see when it releases.

In some ways it makes sense to beat the other shooters to the punch because there are tons of them coming, but a little more time would have went a long way if they could flesh out the features. I'm dying for a theater mode to catch cheaters/learn from clan matches.

Split-screen online Co-op was something else GG wanted to do, but again, they chalk it up to time constraints.

It only means K4 will have it :)

Nicaragua2826d ago

I never liked split screen gaming anyway so it dosnt bother me that it isnt being supported.