Two Worlds II – The Complete Cheat Code Guide

RipTen: Two Worlds II is a vast improvement over the original and an RPG that we really enjoyed at Ripten. We’ve got cheats for you…lot’s of cheats. Cheats should work equally for the Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC versions.

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Invadersims2853d ago

Too bad I have the 360 version.

The_Nameless_One2852d ago

Did you mean the PS3 version? because the guy clearly tells you how to bring it up the 360. To bring the console up on the PS3 all you'' have to do is: Hold R1 and L1 and press, SELECT, D-PAD LEFT, SELECT, D-PAD RIGHT.

The_Nameless_One2853d ago

The PS3 version is kinda fickle about which commands work and which does not. NO all "None Cheat" commands will actually do anything.

You can only bring the console up on the main menu and once you'll have to reenter them every time you boot up the game.

You also want to mention that the trophy/achievement disable will only apply to that specific save on wards. If you want to be able to gain them on the same play through then you just going to need to revert to an earlier save point.