Five things you didn't know about 'Homefront'

USA Today: We tapped Rex Dickson, senior level designer at Kaos Studios, to tell us a few things about Homefront you likely aren't aware of.

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Relientk772773d ago

I did not know those 5 things

Xfanboy2773d ago

it takes place in front of our home?

TXIDarkAvenger2773d ago

5 things no one cared about.

awiseman2773d ago

Go back to your KZ3 troll.

@Xfanboy: LOL

TXIDarkAvenger2773d ago

Seriously this wasn't very interesting.I read the article unlike u.
BTW I don't own a PS3. Therefore your trolling on my comment. I think I'll go back and play melee on my GAMECUBE. Bitch!

Wiitard072773d ago

pwned by superior fighting games

ChrisW2773d ago

Product placement of Hooters? WOOOT!