Crysis 2 Producer: 'We're doing a lot of things on consoles that a lot of people aren’t able to do'

"In an interview with Crytek's Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo, he discusses all things Crysis 2, why it's the definitive 3D gaming experience and why Crytek are doing things on consoles that other people are not able to do"

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a_bro2829d ago

didnt knew that running crysis 2 on almost low settings on consoles mean they are trying things that other people cant do on it.

Nitrowolf22829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

it depends how you look at it i guess.

well its kind of true. I mean for a 3rd party game that is multiplat, it's prob. the bets looking 3rd party Multplat game out there.

It may not be the best of the three versions, but i mean what other game looks as good as Crysis thats on both PS3 on 360?

They don't mean everyone, just a lot of them and it would make sense if your look at devs who make games for both consoles, you don't see this well of graphics.

Chris3992829d ago

They didn't gimp or cut anything for either platform. Shipped on 2 packed 360 discs, and was one of the prettiest and most enjoyable games I've played this gen.

Chubear2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

if by "other people" he means studios like gameloft or Q-games then yeah, for sure... if he means studios like PD, GG, ND, EvoS, SantaM or even Insomniac then lol STFU & GTFO lol

@Jseth,I'm afraid you may be right on that one but let's see what happens on KZ3.

BO - over 8mill in 16weeks on the PS3
KZ3 - ???

DualConsoleOwner2829d ago

we all know LoT is xbox biased, but even they could not deny this fact.

i mean 2 years old game beating Crysis 2??

Lol... they have no right to brag.

Chris3992829d ago

Bring on the bam!


Less talk more generic Alien Invasion FPS #9879900 please, Crytek. Funny thing is that even with the multi-player as broken as it was in the beta (probably will ship in a similarly crippled state), because of the "AAA"ness and marketing, it'll get 9-10 across the board.

I hope everyone realizes that game reviews are funded primarily by marketing dollars. Heck IGN just merged with Gamestop. Soon we'll see a "Value" section added to each review. Something like: Value 10/10 - 'AAA', epic fail if you miss playing this year GOTY (#7)!!! Click on the link below to continue to checkout!"

Iroquois_Pliskin2829d ago

As much as i like Crysis, i think they are trying too hard to impress anybody... i mean look at title and now look at UC3.

LunaticBrandon2829d ago

720p is hardly something I would consider HD at this point. A few pixels off that really isn't hindering the already dated look of a console game.

Biggest2829d ago

720p may not be what you consider HD (though it is by current definitions), but how can being less than that be just as good? You obviously don't respect 720p. Less should be even less respectable.

nickjkl2829d ago

dam luna i didnt know 720p wasnt HD i guess comcast verizin matter of fact all televion channels are lying when they say they broadcast in HD

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Shaman2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

It does not run on low settings,why are you lying to people even if you don't understand what you are talking about?Consoles run at settings completely different from PC settings and things that are memory intense will be lowered on consoles while things that are processing heavy will be higher quality(lighting,motion blur,depth of field,lens flares,water shaders etc.)There are already leaked console cfg. files which proves my point.

Anyway,Nathan is right...Consoles run HDR,camera/object motion blur,BOKEH effect in real time(not dof,bokeh),real time global illumination,dynamic lighting,completely dynamic shadows,real time of day,interactive water,advanced physics,volumetric sun shafts etc.

They really are pushing it and all that in quite sandboxish,not scripted as usual environments.

BlackKnight2829d ago

Bokeh is how the blurred area of an image, due to depth of field, looks.

Almost every game does just a regular blur while real lens create patterns.

Just so you know, the rest you are pretty spot on about. I would still say the effects such as motion blur and HDR and so on, like any other console game, is done in lower precision and less memory-required formats.

kcuthbertson2829d ago

I agree with you on everything except the sandboxish environments. The areas are FAR from being open like a sandbox game. The games widest areas are 200 yards at most.

Shaman2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

BlackKnight I agree with you but there is difference between bokeh effect and dof.Nice dof(like in UC2) is not the same as nice bokeh effect .

Here is bokeh effect done in photography.


And here is dof done in photography

Notice that dof simply blurs the background of unfocused object while bokeh actually blurry background as its "3D",here is comparison.

And here is Crysis 2 implantation...(notice the lights that are making octagonal shape,if it were dof it would stay exactly as they are just blurred)

All that in real time...on consoles ;)

And yea,their HDR(according to their tech presentation) is done in "regular" way not to "saturate" bandwidth which consoles have little of but they improved some precision issues,especially since 360 implantation had more problems than PS3s.

Motion blur is of very high quality actually,you can read that from cfg. files. It equals 2 which in Crysis 1 was high quality motion blur which means even parts of body that are only moving like legs or arms will be blurred and other parts of body not.

Inside_out2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Digital foundry looked at the 360 beta and discovered the same thing...medium to high settings across the board. Just look at the detail in this map...the crushed docks and boats. The great lighting/shadows/water and abundance of " stuff " laying

This map Pier 17 really shows how more advance the Crytek engine is. Skyline was also a great little map...

The single-player on 360 is looking incredible as well. Look at the level of detail in the environment...

It's looking really good on 360...wonder why they haven't been showing the PS3 version...Hmmmm...

BlackKnight2829d ago


Bokeh is the type of filter used when doing DOF. It makes DOF alot better looking. I agree. However, you said this:

"BOKEH effect in real time(not dof,bokeh"

Depth of field is the blur of an image due to those elements being our of focus. Bokeh is just the filter effect that happens on the out of focus area. I even linked it on wikipedia.

It's like saying a game uses "normal mapping, not textures". No, the game still uses textures, it is just one of the texture effects/techniques being used is normal mapping.

Also, a config file doesn't work quite like how you think. A config file is a simple way to designate what gets rendered. R_motionblur=2 on PC might use a certain routine in DX10 on Crysis 1. It is not the config that contains the code which renders, it points to it.

So when you say on PC with the 360 config, it's not identical to crysis 1. For all you know, the config for 360 saying "2" just points to a DX9 technique they use for motion blur. In crysis 1, motion blur was only done in DX10. So obviously the fact they both say "2" means nothing. The PC version of Crysis 2 maybe have 3, 4 and 5 for r_motionblur, which is still just a parameter that chooses what rendering methods are to be used. These parameters could be different thing per platform.

For example. Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 only does motion blur in DX9 (of course) with X precision and 8 samples. Crysis 1, obviously, does this through dx10 (the only way to do object motion blur in crysis 1) which would be a different method from 360.

PS. I own Xbox, PS3 and my self-built PC. I own about 20 xbox games and 6 PS3 games and about 70+ PC games.

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lil Titan2829d ago

Right and thats why PS3 and 360 run the same huh, i though they said they would take advantage of each system, ill get the game but dont further lie in my face on what you all are doing that no one else is when i see games like Killzone 3 and Uncharted taking advantage where yall failed to do
PC will be the best version but not the one im going to pick up

awi59512829d ago

Well they make games the way they are suppose to they run mostly off the Gpu. Just because sony put some weird cpu in their console doesnt mean everyone has to bend over backwards to use it. And the 360 and ps3 Gpu's are mostly the same so thats why they look the same.

HolyOrangeCows2829d ago

They're right; Most people haven't been able to get themselves to lie that they have the best console graphics and release an anti-aliasing-less, some screen-tearing game with "OOHHHH a pretty light engine! It looks so great shining against the pixels!"

"Castlevania looked beautiful and it had platform parity."
Well in all fairness there, Castlevania's framerate sucked. God of War 3 however, ran consistently over 30fps, usually 40+.

KingDustero2829d ago

Crytek must be pretty blind. If they're talking third party wise, then yes they're doing things that other third party devs haven't done.

However from what I've seen Crysis 2 isn't doing anything new or amazing on the PS3. Crysis has always been praised for being the best looking game out there. However the PS3 version of Crysis 2 is for sure not the best looking game on the PS3.

MP wise KZ3 easily tops Crysis 2 as well.

Crytek really is full of themselves. They say that what they're doing has never been done before on consoles. That is not true at all. Heck they even said their TDM is innovative because it is TDM with Nano suits.

I'm sure Crysis 2 will be a pretty good game across all platforms, but it isn't this amazing, innovative game that Crytek is touting it as.

awi59512829d ago

He said that its running at 30 Fps in 3D on 360 now thats a big deal.

FanboyPunisher2829d ago

First you'd be stupid to say killzone looks better, because when you look at it like this...

Details, vastness and openness of Crysis (even #2 the gimmped version) it has more detail, geormety and textures. The main difference I see is this... Killzone has a better artstyle that makes the game feel/look organic graphically.

They use alot of tricks to do this, but you cant consider killzone to be doing 'realistic/lifelike' graphics, their art direction is in a place of its own, but it isnt art direction of realism. Crysis is going for realistic art direction, which can make it look less impressive on due to non-organic art direction of realism with games.


awi59512829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

On top of that crysis lighting system is running in real time and not some set lighting that doesnt behave correctly like killzone has.

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R2D22829d ago

Call of Duty Killer incoming.

jeseth2829d ago

As awesome as Battlefied, Killzone, and even Halo are . . Call of Duty has taken over pop culture and there's no stopping it.

COD is a behemoth. Can't deny its success. For better or worse, its the king now and for a while it seems.

DarkSpawnClone2829d ago

killzone 3 was pretty average to me :S most my friends and I cancelled our preorders after playing the beta for 2 weeks,i don't see it being a cod killer but battlefield 3 has a chance imo even if it's not i don't mind the squeakers can play cod while big boys can play BF3..tho i do think Duke Nukem is going to take off really well this year it looks over the top & really fresh a lot of fun but crysis 2 will do well for EA..but imo Duke Nukem & BF3 will be the Fps's to play this year UC3 will be great Uncharted is always awesome outher then that i don't think im going to go crazy on fps'ers this year i want to add more Rpg's to the collection(Dark souls,elder scrolls,dragon age 2) also want i Twisted Metal. :)

NaiNaiNai2829d ago

A game that is only on one platform can never kill a heavy hitter multiplat.

Dark_king2829d ago

@NaiNaiNai yea your completely wrong just look at the wii's top sellers.

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btk2829d ago

Pre-ordered. Hope it will be epic.

awiseman2829d ago

Haters gona Hate

Im suprised I have not seen any "KZ did it all years ago-Fixed" BS.

They call Crysis generic, when their glorious KZ is one of the most generic games ever known to man. The fanboys are just afraid that the game will dominate KZ and COD on both platforms and establish itself as the new King.

I pre-ordered the game already because I don't need convincing to no that the game will be beast.

jeseth2829d ago

Anyone who can't see that :

Call of Duty

Aren't generic ideas, then they are fooling themselves. There aren't many ideas in games that haven't been done in movies. And most of those games aren't appreciated anyways.

The difference is making an engaging stories and characters that capture the player.

DarkSpawnClone2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

ok i agree with every thing on you list except Battlefied,some how i don't feel like its that generic but its lacking in unlocks and features MP wasn't that generic but i guess the SP was,the story mode needs work,i really missed the humor from BC1 i love the charaters in BC..but over all i think it's a great i really can't wait to see a trailer for BF3 it's going to own all Fps's.

jeseth2829d ago

Agreed. I also am really excited for Battlefied as well as all the next games in the franchises I listed.

But its not like any of them are groundbreaking ideas. Some games are just better written and executed than others. Thats all I meant.

Heavy_Rain2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

You started your comment with 'Haters gonna hate' and ended up hating on a game that has nothing to do with the article your are commenting under. What is generic awiseman.Do you know what that even means? I hope then you agree that Gears is a borin linear shooter. Crysis 2 is a linear boring shooter and thousands of other games are generic linear shooters. Please stop with this BS. The irony that your name states 'awiseman'. Lol.fanboys are scared of crysis? Lol why should anyone be scared of a game. KZ is an amazing FPS irrespective of whether crysis is better or worse.It does not matter. Your trolling is unfortunately not going to change millions of ps3 fans from buying that game and no amount of trolling is going to convince any ps3 owner on this site to go buy an x360 so why are you trying so hard. Just relax and play some games for a change

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Stealth20k2829d ago

you mean like making boring shooters that look pretty? sure