StarCraft II: We're trying to create an e-Sport

EG writes: "Eurogamer sits down with StarCraft II design director Dustin Browder to find out what Blizzard's trying to do with the release of its mods. Is this a precursor to a marketplace, where gamers can buy and sell their own creations? And what happens next?"

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kreate2825d ago


hm... kind of hard without the koreans as far as starcraft goes.

GrilledCheeseBook2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

The European scene seems real strong with how many tournaments going on and in the Americas MLG is making a large push.
Also it seems like Idra returning to the US is indicating to some kind of announcement for some North America league

GSL seems to be doing very well in Korea with their $80,000 top prize
Also been quite a few other tournaments there
TSL - $15,000 top prize
MLG- Generally around $5000

ComboBreaker2824d ago

StarCraft II Director: "We're trying to create an e-Sport, however, we have failed, seeing as we leave out LAN support."

JsonHenry2825d ago

Ugh, every time I play SC2 it just makes me so angry that CnC4 was such a crappy game. :(

NaiNaiNai2825d ago

I love starcraft II

but the problem is I can't seem to get a good strat, I keep trying to play it like SCI.

ThanatosDMC2825d ago

They need to release those GSL maps and make them ladder maps and buff Zerg with either new units for more options like the Lurker or make them cost less to be able to withstand 200 food protoss and terran balls.

Koreans eat every other players in SC2. One guy who wasnt Korean managed to get to the semi-finals or close to it till he loss really badly against the pros.

STONEY42825d ago

We definitely need the GSL maps, or at least larger maps. Most of the current maps encourage early all-ins, or 2 base play... something that Zerg can't have. Steppes of War and Jungle Basin are the worst as Zerg.

Protoss 200/200 is terrifying. Especially if they hit the deathball of Colossi, HT, Sentries, and Stalkers. At that point, the most you can do is abuse Zerg's mobility and quick army rebuild. Unless they're smart and just kill you straight up. Broodlords are godly with some ground meatshields.Terran's not so bad, banelings give infantry tons of problems. Out of position, and you can kiss their 200/200 army goodbye. Mech is a different story...

Really, the best things Zerg could use are new, larger maps, and a 300 supply limit. More drones without hurting the late-game army size, they hit 200/200 WAY too easily and quick.

ThanatosDMC2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

200 supply is fine but Zerg needs to get more 1 supply units. If only roaches and hydras were 1 supply and ultras cost less or make each armor upgrade for the ultra +2 instead of +1.

We could also use that tank unit that is in the zombie mission. I forgot its name... Abomination, i think.

If i see a deathball headed to my base i usually send out a portion of my army lings or muta towards one of their bases praying they'll go back and defend it.

Simco8762825d ago

Hard to get into Starcraft II as a pro if you have a job/family/school or anything in life generally other than SCII.

You have to play 12 hours a day and play everyday. It's a fun game, but to the majority of us.... that's all it will be.

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