Ninja Gaiden 3: Can it revolutionize the hack-n-slash franchise?

GB: "Ninja Gaiden was probably in my top 3 favorite titles for the original Nintendo gaming console. Ryu Hayabusa and Team Ninja are back once more for a confirmed Ninja Gaiden 3. The project was officially announced at TGS 2010 (Tokyo Game Show) in a closed door event. Ninja Gaiden 3 is said to take a deeper look into Ryu’s more human side, as the environment is set in a hellish realm. There has been no platform confirmations released."

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R2D22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I am not a big fan of hack n slash games because they start to feel like I am just botton smashing. Metal Gear Solid Risen seems to be something that might change that.

@below - I think all the sliceing and diceing in the E3 preview confirms that this will be a hack n slash game, plus Kojima is not involved so dont expect to much from this game.

gameseveryday2827d ago

Not necessary, Metal Gear Solid games are not about hack n slash and I really hope Rising wont be a 100% game about hack n slash as it would just kill the essence of a legendary franchise.

anasurimbor2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Kojima is involved, guns have been confirmed, as have stealth gameplay elements.

I know in the beginning Kojima said he wasn't the director of MGS:R, and would be focusing on MGS:PW instead. But he's been a constant source of updates for MGS:R, he said he tailored the gameplay trailers, and he's explained how several features of the game were his ideas (e.g; enemies screaming in pain after being dismembered).

He definitely has a role in development, even if it's a backseat one. He's not just going to toss his company's namesake to a new team and have them wing it while completely ignoring it, as some people seem to think.

ABizzel12827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Every game plays the same. In hack and slash you move and push a button. In shooters you point and pull a trigger. In racing games you hold a button and steer. In turn based RPG's you navigate a menu and pick an attack. In Sports games you run and push buttons to steal/tackle/hit/shoot/or whatever you do. In platformers you move and push a button.

I never understand why people make hack and slash games seem like it just button mashing when ALL games play on the same controllers using those same buttons. Just because it doesn't suit your taste doesn't mean it's button mashing.

Now getting back on topic. Ninja Gaiden would surprise me most by having a coherent story. The really need to revamp/reboot the game. Last gen Ninja Gaiden was THE hack and Slash game. God of War had the story, the character, the lore, and the world. But Ninja Gaiden was about the graphics, the difficulty, and gameplay. And today gameplay is all it has left to hold on to, but even that's faded with new competition (Bayonetta), and old franchises getting a gameplay overhaul. It needs a reboot/revamp/refresh of the original formula, because the current one isn't working anymore. And give us ninja vs ninja action and stop with the vampires, and werewolves, that's straight anime.

silvacrest2826d ago

shooters are just as repetitive, its only because the masses love it so much that it gets a pass when it comes to questioning its gameplay

Rhezin2827d ago

that's right R2D2, Kojima is not involved in Metal Gear Solid: Rising so I WON'T expect too much from that game.

As for Ninja Gaiden III Tomonobu Idagaki is not involved and is not needed. Team Ninja is still attatched and that's all that matters. HACK N SLASH FTW!

George Sears2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

People need to stop downing Rising simply because Kojima isn't the director. Sure, as the creator of the franchise you would expect great input when it comes to making certain decisions to make the game an overall better and true MGS experience but seriously now...

Him not being the director of Portable Ops didn't make the game bad at all. Hell, thanks to Portable Ops overall gameplay mechanics is what made Peace Walker one of the best of the franchise (gameplay wise)

baodeus2827d ago

not exactly, team ninja hasn't been doing well lately (or maybe they are just adjusting to reassembling the team). But let see, i'm a bit skeptical (although i don't think they seem to care much for a better story).

gamingdroid2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The left-over Team Ninja hasn't done jack squat worth talking about. Basically, all the additions they did to NG Sigma 2 sucked and their claim to fame is to introduce jiggly boobies with the sixaxis... which I actually like!

I will try and be open minded about the "new" Team Ninja, but it remains to be seen.

Redempteur2826d ago

ninja gaiden sigma 2 is less cheap dead from opponents and a slightly better camera .

how can you not welcome these changes is beyond me ..

gamingdroid2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

The new camera in NGS2 didn't feel like it changed one bit, but I also was able to manually control my camera. You really have to do that in this game the way the camera was designed.

Cheap death has a lot to do with you keeping an eye on your enemies and always moving so that didn't change for me, but being forced to play with the new characters was rather painful. They didn't bring anything new, and they didn't feel good at all. The best character of the three was Ayane, but surprisingly she was very similar to Ryu!

That is Team Ninja's contribution!!!

I'm still playing NG2 on the Xbox 360, but not NGS2, because the button timing on NGS2 is off. Also, this is really a personal preference and doesn't affect game play, but the blood splattering all over the ground and etc, really made me feel bad ass. Having purple mist come out, just seemed wrong....

midgard2272827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

i hate when people call them hack and slash, and if ur button maashing its cuz u lack skill, their are legitamate combos and button mashig leads to death in ninja gaiden.

why call them hack and slash when they are action games? i dont see people calling shooters R1/Rightt trigger mashers?

or point and shooters so wtf?

lol @showtimefolks

Whats NJ? Ninja Jelly? lol i know wat u mean haha

gamingdroid2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Try button mashing and you will get your @ss handed to you in two seconds flat even on Warrior difficulty, let alone Mentor or Master in Ninja Gaiden 2.

The Meerkat2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Hack n Slash (action games)is doing ok.

Castlevania LOS
God of War 3
Dantes Inferno

Were all pretty good.

NiteX2827d ago

You forgot Bayonetta! Slashers are hands down my favorite type of game. It use to be FPS... until well COD clones plagued them to crap and back.

silvacrest2826d ago

ever since god of war 1, hack n slash games have been my fav

showtimefolks2827d ago

its gonna be good game since black there are always problems with NJ like small issues

i mean the camera issues has been in NJ for last 3-4 games there are minor yet frustrating things about NJ

i still like to play but it would be nice if some of the old nagging issues are dealt with

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