Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s ‘Resurrection’ DLC still set for April

Rely on Horror: "Despite ‘Reverie’ being pushed back to March, Lords of Shadow’s second piece of DLC, titled ‘Resurrection’, will still be releasing in April as originally intended."

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deafwing2826d ago

looking forward to this - will have to dust off this one, haven't played it since I cleard it a few months back

xYLeinen2826d ago

Also very eager to play this. Went throught the original game twice and got my platinum.

They can say what they want about this reboot, but in the end this is an awesome hack'n'slach game with a well done combo/magic system and engaging cut scenes.

NukaCola2826d ago

This is one of the most underrated games of the year. It is probably one of the most visually striking multiplats this gen, and the gameplay was awesome, story was epic, puzzles were insanity, and the bosses(minus the ending one) were all so damn fantastic. This is a A+ game in my book and I wish more people would of bought it. And I understand some people were expecting an open world game, but the level system worked well. The issue was having it on two discs on the 360 which prevented it from being fully open with the MetroidVania style, but it was dropdead gorgeous and almost 20 hours long without any replaying. Maybe next time.

Also on PS3(dont know about 360) you can save all concept art to your XMB so I had tons of themes I made with all the cool art I unlocked.

LISTEN UP: Buy this game. You won't regret it.