Look Back: Resident Evil

panteradown2 takes a look back into the classic survival horror game, Resident Evil.

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ediddy9992827d ago

Whoa, old games look like crap.

MasterChief36242827d ago

How ignorant. Time and time again it seems it needs to be said: graphics do not make the game. That's the problem with this generation. Most of the games do amazing graphics over innovative gameplay.

If you're talking about the actual gameplay looking bad, I suppose they haven't aged perfectly, but they're nothing less than classics of the genre. Donkey Kong looks primitive on the NES, but it still manages to be great fun, and the arcade version is still one of the most important videogames ever (considering it's what made Shigeru's name famous, was the origin of Mario, and formed the genre of games to come in the next couple generations, and subsequently laid the groundwork upon which most games looked after for inspiration). Just because a game hasn't aged gracefully on the gameplay side of things doesn't mean its importance in the annals of videogames is diminished even slightly.

Big_Dom2826d ago

You're banging your head against a brick wall, fella. His statement is one of the reasons why I'm starting to hate this generation. A lot of the kids now just haven't a clue.

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maverick402827d ago

Noobgamer, go back to cod and gears. resi 1 started the survival horror genre on consoles. It was an amazing game for it's time.

Dart892826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Who cares about graphics,that's the main reason most games suck this generation they are lacking gameplay cuz they try to over do it with graphics i'll take this game over most the games this generation.

You know what just go back to playing you're Galo and Call of dooty: Noob edition.

bluwulf2826d ago

diddy = the type of idiot that paid for versus.

Its funny how much these have absolutely nothing to do with current gen Resident evil(shooter/co-op?).

Can't wait for someone to make a good puzzle/survival again. Hint, Deadspace isn't it.

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plb2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I like the 2nd one better but the first is a great game too. The series has been downhill however ever since it left the original PS1.

MasterChief36242827d ago

I agree for the most part, but I also think special credit should be given to the REmake on the GameCube. I still don't think any games (that aren't named Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly) have attained such a gripping and terrifying atmosphere since then. REmake was one hell of a game.

anasurimbor2826d ago

Yeah it has. The PSX games were just... remarkable. MasterChief3624 has a point though, REmake was really good.

I think Code: Veronica is another exception.

protekjv2827d ago

one of the PS1 greatest games...

gillri2827d ago

yes the 2nd was a better game but then REmake came out

and then RE4, so I disagree its been going downhill when arguably the best two Resident evil game swerent on PS1

MasterChief36242827d ago

Arguably, indeed. Resident Evil 4 is not a Resident Evil game, in my opinion. It's not a true Resident Evil game in any sense. It's an action-adventure game with horror elements that had the name Resident Evil attached to it for the sake of money alone.

Resident Evil is a survival-horror series. Or at least that's what it used to be. Now it's becoming an action series with only slight threads of horror strewn throughout. It's a travesty, too, because Resident Evil used to be such a brilliant series. Instead of relying solely on jump scares and extreme gore, they crafted a terrifying world using atmosphere and the fear of running out of ammo/health items.

Resident Evil 4 maintained the ammo quantities and health problems. But Resident Evil 5 stepped in and made it easy as pie to get an obscene amount of ammo and health pickups, as well as added a cooperative partner, and therefore completely destroyed any sense of "survival" the series used to have. Awesome that it sold so well because I think we're now locked-in to a sacrilegious legacy for what used to be a wonderfully scary and survivalistic series.

Resident Evil 4 is not a bad game, and I suppose it was more of a natural step forward for the series, given the rise in action in 2, 3, and Code Veronica. But what it means for the series is the worst... it's what single-handedly screwed the series on its head and now the Resident Evil franchise is almost indistinguishable from Gears of War.

gillri2827d ago

yeas and then there are people like MasterChief3624 who argue it isnt even a resident evil game, or ME2 isnt an RPG, or DS2 isnt as a survival horror like DS1

if it were up to these guys gaming would be stuck in pigdeon-holes all its life

Resident 4 IS a Resi game whether you like it or not, and its up there with RE2 and REmake as the best resi games there are

fossilfern2827d ago

THANK YOU MasterChief3624 I thought I was the only one who thought RE4 was not a true RE game. It was a good game dont get me wrong but its not a real RE and I miss the old RE games like RE1&2 and even RE0. Hope they bring real horror back to the RE series

Urrakia342827d ago

*encounters first zombie*
"Oh no better get outta here" lol

jc485732826d ago

the good old days. I just got it like a month ago. Really classic opening. I will beat it over the summer.

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