10 Things That Would Make Dead Space 2's Multiplayer Even Better

Dead Space 2's multiplayer offering is better than many expected it to be but that doesn't mean it couldn't use some major revisions and balancing before it goes from the game we play online when nothing else sounds good to the game we crave night-long online gaming marathons with. Dead Pixels rounds up the ten ideas they'd most like to see implemented in DLC, patches or possibly Dead Space 3.

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bwazy2855d ago

I lol'd at the hints of humor thrown throughout the article. And I agree whole heartedly on all of his points. Most of them, however, are issues effecting most online shooters (3rd or 1st) these days. Developers realllllly need to pass around a memo stapled to an alarm clock to notice these imbalances/flaws.

tigertron2855d ago

Giving necromorphs more health for a start and giving us co-op scenarios like UC2 and R2 with about 3-4 players doing objectives.

Jaces2855d ago

There's a lot of potential for the online capabilities of Dead Space 2, wish Visceral would start shelling out some awesome co-op DLC, map packs, new suits/weapons/necromorphs.

Love it to death but it does become stale on long stints.

mantasis2855d ago

First online game component I've played that couldn't hold me for 30min at least.