Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week: Experience Tom Clancy

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"The latest Xbox LIVE Deal of the week is great news for Tom Clancy Fans. The following content is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 50% off:"

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BakedGoods2830d ago

Sweet, now 360 gamers have something to play while everyone else is doing Killzone 3.

Capdastaro2830d ago

For 2 weeks before everyone migrates back to COD :)


awiseman2830d ago

Then why are you here? Go and play KZ3.

Bnet3432830d ago

Killzone 3 AKA COD with a sci fi skin *yawn*

NaiNaiNai2830d ago

happy I got off XBL when I did. things sure do suck now.

AAACE52830d ago

@NaiNaiNai... Agreed! You got off XBL and now you spend all of your time on N4G! Lol! Just kidding...

NaiNaiNai2830d ago

lol thats hurtful XD

truth be told I haven been spending my last few days setting up thunder rom on my android. XD CFW FTW.

and in the down time playing me some good old KOTOR I got off steam for 10$.