Sharp Unveils A New Blu-ray Recorder With 1TB Hard drive

Japanese consumer electronics maker Sharp has announced plans to launch a Blu-ray high-definition DVD recorder capable of recording 127 hours of high-definition digital programming into a whopping 1 terabyte hard disk drive – the largest storage capacity of any Blu-ray recorder thus far.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI4098d ago

WoW $2600! Damn thats too damn high.

Luck_y_Penny4098d ago

blu-day gets better and better.

Wozzer4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

F**k HDDVD, Blu-ray is obviously the superior format, using it for both games and films is also a win-win situation, unlike HDDVD which has little industry or studio support and is sure to crash and burn.

jaja14344098d ago

Not that it really matters, buy umm HD has about the same studio support as BR. But going buy your post you lack the intellect to even bother to do some research. No sadly you just want to bash anything that does not have a SONY sticker on it. It's sad really, just sad...

GIJeff4098d ago

That device has a Sharp sticker... BD is better though. Get over it.

jaja14344098d ago

I don't really care which one is better. I have no interest in HD at this point in time, I just follow the news because I'm curious as to whom will win. And yea the device in question is indeed Sharp but since Wozzer said nothing about the player and instead commented on BR in general that leads to SONY.

And please explain how BR is better.

Disc size? Nope they are pretty much the same.
Besides the interfaces that each uses, they are basically exactly the same piece of hardware, spec wise.Only real difference between the two is that HD is cheaper/ easer to make(at the moment) and its finalized. By that I mean BR is still waiting on 1.1, let alone 2.0. Both of which will make older players not compatible with newer software, unless the players have the ability to connect to the internet, which almost all of them don't.

Now if you want to back BR, then by all means do so, but at least be intelligent about it and not the average consumer who knows nothing about the product they buy. You come to sites like these to learn about such things, use some of that knowledge.

But you'll probably just skin my comment, call me a fanboy, and then just prove my point further by providing feedback that addresses nothing of which I have said.

Wozzer4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

My research led me to look at both the Blu-ray Association and the HDDVD group's websites to check the official word on support, I just commented on what I saw with my own eyes: There is a list of support on the FAQ of the Blu-ray Association's website which far outnumbers the few icons strewn across the bottom of the HDDVD group's website (some of which support both formats).

Studio or not, the combined support for Blu-ray is far greater.

In my opinion Bluray is better because of the larger capacity, more support and better futureproofing (triple + layer support via firmware updates as opposed to buying new hardware) also it uses the Java interactive platform, has a higher bitrate, Durabis coating etc etc.

jaja14344098d ago

From the well you can see the link yourself. Looks like Blu-Ray indeed except Sony Pictures/MGM are the same and on the HD DVD side they left out Dreamworks and the Weinstein Company. Now if you really want to use the BR assoc. site. Well then it should be said that the studios they listed you can see that that its only actually 4 studios. For some reason they listed all of Disney's sub. companies.

Java-I already had this discussion in another thread with another person so I wont get into that again, but the jiff of it is that, while java is a fantastic program and does indeed bring with it a great programming library, it is still too robust for dvd. By that I mean its to complicated for the job it does. But that has little barring on which formate is better since iHD while simpler does the same job. And currently iHD offers things BR does not. Such as pic in pic.

I'll give you the coating. Its a definite boon but personally speaking, I've never scratched my on DVD's so again personally speaking that useless to me, but I'm sure to parents its a great feature.

And lastly, space. It's very true that, by SONY's time table, in 2010 they will release a 200GB disc. And thats great but really I have to ask, why do you need 200BG? And even if you have a great reason, you can look up how many places have created a 500GB dvd size disc. And then there is 1 TB disc in research. Point is that extra space is great but how long till just 50GB is used up readily? 10 years maybe? By then there will be some other format that will start another way.

Personally I think flash-drives are the next step for both movies and Hard Drives.

Now I will say this, in some regards, particularly size, BR is indeed better but the biggest argument is price. Currently, yes currently, HD is just cheaper, cheaper to produce disc, cheaper to produce movies-this relates to Java and how its more complex than iHD, and currently the players are cheaper. It's all about price.

demolitionX4098d ago

java is more complex!!!! java is not complicated first of all, it is one of the simplest programming languages, second 90% of people who are into programming they know java, tell me who knows this iHD. iHD is another MS technolgical flop. so now java is bad cause of MS iHD. I want to ask u what if BD has iHD and HD DVD has iHD. I want u to answer me which one u'll pick?

jaja14344098d ago

I said java is complex for this kind of interface... yes when compared to say C then java is simple as hell.

Hell just printing out a sentence in C is about 10 times more complicated as Java. *gasp* I know 4 different languages, but that doesn't really matter does it. And I can't personally say iHD is easier than java FOR dvd's. I just go on what I have read, and what I have read is that iHD is a simpler language.

And no Java isn't bad. In fact it is my favorite of the languages I know, well sometimes it is. The way it handles generic data types is sometimes odd. Such when using sets...just odd. Anyways I prefer Java, mainly because its garbage collection/automatic memory release is just a godsend.

As for your last question, if BR had iHD, would I choose it over HD?
No I would not, you know why? Because BR COST MORE. If it was the other way around I would go with BR. Its not fanboyism, its economics. I like whats cheaper, it doesn't have to be better, it just has to be good enough. Thats why people shop at Wal-Mart.

I'll just say that one more time. IF BR was cheapest, you bet your sweet booty I be for it, but until it is OR HD is no longer in the picture...

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