Dead Island: Cinematic Preamble

Critical Gamer writes: Three days ago IGN revealed the world premier of the cinematic trailer for Dead Island, a game trapped in development limbo for going on four years now. While the trailer showed absolutely no gameplay, it quickly went viral due to the subject matter and presentation. For those out of the loop the trailer can be seen here (suitable only for those aged 18 and above).

What is most striking is the different reactions the trailer brought out in people based on their situation or beliefs and the assumptions made afterwards about the point to it. The point of a trailer is to garner interest in a product that is to be released sometime in the future and, in keeping with Hollywood blockbuster trailers, game trailers have become increasingly cinematic in order to get attention and as a result focus less on what it is actually like to play.

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shaundbstn2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Are you kidding me? This guy didn't watch the trailer because he has a daughter? So what? Every point Ian D made in his post was completely valid. It's ridiculous. The Dead Island trailer is a cinematic work of art. I made my girlfriend watch it and she thought it was as beautiful as it was emotional. Videogames trailers are better than movie trailers anyway, and with the continuous advancement in CGI, they're only going to get better. Geoff should duct tape a big pair of hairy ones under his tiny shaft and finish the trailer; more towards when his daughter -- I mean the random little girl -- is eating away at her father's neck. Oh wait, he might turn that part off, too, because he's a father.

xTruthx2829d ago

Sites don't have much to write about this days I guess, there has been over 10 articles about this trailer :/

acemonkey2829d ago

yet again another site talkin about the daughter dies? but she was killed by the zombie and she was already dead? thats some double jeopardy? the following for every site SHUT THE FCK UP ABOUT THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE DEAD ISLAND TRAILER

Zinc2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

He watched it all. He is a liar. They set that up for hits and sensationalism. He needs to run a comb through his hair and shave that god-awful hobo beard.

It's a trailer. It's not real. It's not even real people, acting that they are dying... it's completely fabricated from every possible angle.

If zombies existed, they would eat/kill children and there would be zombie children. This faux outrage is baffoonery in its most rarified form.

It's this sort of thing that sickens me, not fake children dying in a fake world, where nothing is real.

The only valid point they could potentially argue, is that it doesn't show any gameplay... but, almost every game has trailers that present things without gameplay.

DarkSpawnClone2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

OH come on were not going to cry over a bunch of Pixels are we ? when i seen it i was shocked that it was a little girl BUT at the same time i was like finally a video game thats not afraid to cross that line were kids can't be in our games it really added a nice amout of emotion and made me more intrested not because a little girl died but because of there struggle as a family vs a pack of blood thursty zombies.. that trailer is a work of art imo and obviously it's not a game for kids to be playing.this is a must have game for any zombie fan.

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