DICE working on 'secret projects'

Battlefield 3 isn't the only game in development at DICE, general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson has revealed, saying that the developer currently has "other secret projects" on the go.

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Bigbangbing2825d ago

Hopefully ME2 is one of those "secret projects"

Yi-Long2825d ago

1: DLC for Battlefield 1943.

2: Either a HD remake of Rallisport Challenge 2, or a new rallygame by the same team.

3: Mirror's Edge 2 would be nice as well.

ATiElite2825d ago

Reporter: " we are here today to talk about BF3"
Dice: "We do have other secret projects that I can't talk about right now"
Reporter: "Interesting, Now tell us about BF3 any new news"
DICE: "aren't you even curious about the other secret projects"
Reporter: "sure" now what were you saying about BF3
DICE: "What if I told you the other secret projects would revolutionize gaming"
Reporter: "Uh huh any new screen shots of BF3"
DICE: "OK OK OK were only working on BF3 right now, I was just trying to throw you off"
Reporter: "Right, how about those screen shots now"
DICE: "Screen shots? the ones of DICE helping Valve make HL3"!
Reporter: " Oh your such a jokester ha ha, when will the BF3 Beta start"?

Xfanboy2825d ago

I bet the codename is: dice secret project

just keep pc lead plat & it should be fine..

Huarle2825d ago

Lol, of course they have other projects going on or do you really think the whole team is working on BF3?

perfectCarbonara2825d ago

Secretly work on Mirrors Edge 2

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