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MaximusPrime2771d ago

Phew. That's a great news.

Anyway back to GT5 ;)

Pozzle2771d ago

That's...a rather strange move.

Karlnag32771d ago

uhhh why? Nobody really cares about driving in circles here.

Pozzle2771d ago

Uh, obvious reasons? The UK is a fairly big games market so it's strange that it is the only country being excluded from playing it. It's just an odd choice on the publisher's behalf.

Skizelli2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

We still get European football and rugby games here, even though nobody here really cares about those. Still, why rule it out? Just because you or I don't care for those doesn't mean other people won't. Believe it or not, there's fans of American football in the UK. Should they not get Madden games because you don't like it?

Karlnag32771d ago

Nascar really isn't too popular here though... seems like their decision makes perfect sense to me.

bumnut2770d ago

British people prefer F1 to Nascar, I don't know anyone who likes Nascar (in the UK)

DeadlyFire2770d ago

Activision will bring it to UK when its a good game. If it ever becomes a good game. Has to test it and see if it can sell in its most popular region first. I am doubtful Nascar 2011 will be rated very high. As they announced the game and said its gonna be done by Febuary 2011. No user input was taken into the building of this game. I am thinking its gonna flop. Nascar 2012 will be 100 times better.

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C L O U D2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

We don't only do left hand turns here anyways...

Focker4202771d ago

Worst 'sport' ever. Who wants to watch cars drive in a circle for 5 hours??

Too_many_games2771d ago

i would, rather watch 500 left turns then 5 mins of basketball or hockey

Focker4202771d ago

I would rather not watch all 3 of those things.

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The story is too old to be commented.