Save and Quit Review: Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is out in a couple days, is this another Epic masterpiece or an epic fail? Full review inside.

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Krakn3Dfx2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"With the leash as your best friend in hand, you will find just the satisfaction it gives when you whip it out the first time."

LOL, Tumblr reviews. This is 4 paragraphs of vague game descriptions, not a review. I can appreciate the effort, but I don't know anything after reading this review that I didn't know before I clicked on the link.

"With the humorous Grayson Hunt with his witty lines throughout gameplay, makes it all gratifying and entertaining."

Also, this is not a sentence.

teething2825d ago

this was a very poor review. Hunting for hits.

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

Graphics are some of the best at the moment!?! Which Demo did I play :D

Krakn3Dfx2825d ago

I dunno dude, he did say, "The level designs and graphics are some of the best to date. With the Unreal Technology, you get the feel of Gears of War in cinematics."

It's THE Unreal Technology. Clearly those blurry rocks w/ the original Star Trek-esque painted backdrop behind them are the height of THE Unreal Technology.

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

Me too, I mean, it looks good and everything but to say it belongs to the best is a bit overrated to be honest.

Ace_19752825d ago

Cliffy B says this game f***s with Killzone 3. Sorry Cliff you look like a litle boy and Killzone 3 destroys this game.

Xfanboy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

actually killzone 3 got a lot of 8 scores & a lot of 9 & some 10 scores! both are not gonna be goty! sooo... we need to see more reviews before ur fanboyism goes to it's extreme hight!

Bf3 will kill both in the entertainment department at least..

@below I didn't bring it up look above me!^^

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

Really no need to bring Killzone up in here.

Rampaged Death2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

He said on a live stream 3 hours ago he has a friend who works at Gorilla and he loves Killzone.

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Winkle922825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

High praise. We will see how other reviews compare.

And strangely enough, 5 of the first 7 comments were all trolls. Something is wrong here.

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