Gears of War Triple Pack is region free

The Gears of War Triple Pack has been confirmed by as being region free, meaning it'll play on your PAL Xbox 360.

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Capdastaro2773d ago

Deffo gonna import this then :-D

Winter47th2773d ago

Region-locking is wrong.

guigsy2773d ago

They certainly shouldn't be when it's only released in one territory.


Cant see how its called triple pack when it only has the first two games, surely it would be a double pack then?


Whoops how rude of me, forgot to add.....the second one SUCKS!

awiseman2773d ago

Looks like you didn't forget to troll though.

On topic: Many 360 games are not region locked.

COD, Halo: Reach are both unlocked. And the list goes on..

Bounkass2773d ago

LOL @ regions. No regions @ PS3.

SonyNGP2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Except we get region locked DLC instead >__>

vishant1012772d ago

what about dc universe thats console locked

Biggest2772d ago

It's also PC locked! OHH NOOOOOOO!

TeaRunner2773d ago

most 360 games are not region locked anyways. i been living back and forth between the us and norway so i know..

Studio-YaMi2773d ago

But Japanese XBOX360 games are "region locked" and that is a big X for me since I like playing some of these Japanese games like Super Robot Taisen XO that came out for the Xbox360 yet you need a Japanese Xbox to play it.

Anderson212773d ago

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