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-Mezzo-2826d ago

A Million in a Week, GT5 Totally Deserved those sales.

rrw2826d ago

i bet it can pass 10 million sales on lifetime

Chaos692826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Fvcking impressive!
Gratz Polyphony.

aCasualGamer2826d ago

Never underestimate GT in Europe, that is all i have to say.

morganfell2826d ago

The latest update has added some remarkable features. Every major title...and then some should have the browser features where applicable that GT5 has enabled thus far.

DaTruth2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

But, but, but, teh GT5 is teh failure and Sony is doomed!

That's right, I'm bringing back the buts!

Although I don't generally like racers and even less racing sims, I almost bought this on account of it being a $120 game selling for $60! I don't know where other publishers get off selling some games for $60, when games like this that have so much jam packed into them exist for the same price!

Chubear2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

GT3 sold over 10mill (actually over 15mill) life time on the PS2 and GT5 is selling at a far higher rate in 6weeks than that did.

Life time for GT5 is an easy 13-15mill but We're likely talking more like over 20mill lifetime if the pattern of sales for PS games and the GT series is followed.

..and to think, had this game not been slammed with 7s & 8s, it would have sold more at an even faster rate.

RankFTW2826d ago

So going to buy this game again in the summer, hopefully another couple of patches have come its way by then too.

insomnium22826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


Exactly. Think about the sales rush when PS3 drops to $200 range. I bet that 10-15 million is granted for this game lifetime sales.

Anyway I think this news will brake a few hearts in here. They wanted GT5 to flop so hard they could taste it but that simply is not the case. Not with GT.

Holy s*it would you look at that. Europe bought 62,3% of all the sold copies of GT5. That is impressive. We europeans sure know who the man in racing games is. Graz to PD! Keep it up you guys.

BTW I just remembered I got an email today confirming that my copy of KZ3 is in the mail. OH joy!

And again BTW if people didn't notice it was 6.37 million as of december 2010. Those numbers are 2 and a half months old.

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I_find_it_funny2826d ago

GT sells, plenty fans out there

sikbeta2826d ago

Amazing, Sony and PD totally Deserve the sales and more, GT5 is really Awesome, I can't stop playing it, Congrats to all, Devs and people who are enjoying the game as much as I do...

HolyOrangeCows2826d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Halo 3 took 7-8 weeks to sell 5 million:
(Week of September 25 through Week of Nov 18 - 8 weeks)

GT5 took 6 weeks to sell 6.37 million.

And GT5 didn't need giddy, non-objective, zealous reviewers to get to where it is.

"try comparing the install base of the 360 in mid 2007 to the PS3 in late 2010. Hardly a fair, like for like, comparison"
Well, I DO mention that in my pending blog:
The important thing is that Halo 3 was one of the fastest selling HD exclusive games this gen, and GT5 has surpassed it. Few titles other than the heaviest of hitters have surpassed it since, anyway.

FarEastOrient2825d ago

It's amazing the demo GT5 Prologue sold 5.2 million, this thing was making money right out the gate.

nix2825d ago

i'm one of them!!!! q;
reviewers can go to hell...

tacosRcool2825d ago

I will pass more than 10 million in sales especially since Polyphony is constantly supporting the game!

king dong2825d ago

great games generate great sales.. a big well done to PD. and GT has always been a great franchise.

although, its pretty sad reading some of the comments on here. i dont know if you think what you write is cool or something, but its pretty sickening reading some of the comments....and pathetic also

so now you lot play sales aswell?? above and below, grow up ey!

Marquis_de_Sade2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Holy Orange Cows, try comparing the install base of the 360 in mid 2007 to the PS3 in late 2010. Hardly a fair, like for like, comparison.

However, congratulations PD, I'm proud to be one of those millions, an excellent game.

Dee_912825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


heres the official
thats crazy
seems like it been out longer than 6 weeks

Dee_912825d ago

Lmao @ VG
shipped or sold ?

ofcourse its shipped..
they shipped more gran turismo 1,2,and 3 then they did gt5 because those games are newer /s

iforgotmylogin2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@ above 63.1 million units over a lifetime is alot

DualConsoleOwner2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

in 6 weeks.


you realize MS reports shipped numbers too for Halo Reach.

we already went over this when they tried to lie about Kinect which were shipped numbers.

Dee_912825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

those numbers from pd site arent shipped ..

that was sarcasm bro lol

NukaCola2825d ago

I love GT5 and I am an American. I know that the States basically said screw this game for...allow me to vomit...Kinectimals, but I am so stoked to see it sell big in EU. Man, Europeans love racing games, almost 700k in JP aint to shabby either.

Crazyglues2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Actually GT5 deserves much more then 6.37 the game is epic... it's far beyond you normal racing game..

-_-) it should go on to do 20 to 25 million that's what it really deserves... the game is a slow progression into learning how to drive like if you were a professional race car driver..

it's never easy, there is a lot of content their and it's all done really well, sure there are some grips about menu and what have you, but it's epic..

If you get up to the X1 you have more then got your money's worth, because this is by no means easy.. and even if it takes awhile it's what a dream game is made of..

It's so good that I even think everyone should get it... It's one of the games you should have in your closet, because you can come back to it over and over and enjoy it each time...

Epic, epic - epic game...


NeutralGamer2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I dont get it?

What happened to "its not about the sales"?

g0green2825d ago

no doubt impressive but i dont see a need to bring halo references in here especially after years of "play the game not the sales" arguements

grats pd

madpuppy2825d ago

And in 360 fan boy land:

Ravage272825d ago

GT5 (and LBP2) is the only game i've played that gives a different experience every week.

Every single one of PD updates is golden, and bring so much to the game.

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JsonHenry2826d ago

Wow. Congrats to the devs!

RedDragan2826d ago

Congrats indeed!

I bet if the websites reviewed the game again then the scores would be very different already, in one years time it is frightening to think what this game will be like.

For me it is a solid 9/10. And incase some are wondering why I am not giving it higher.... I believe there is only one 10/10 in this world. And that game is Pong, the father of graphical games and the one that set us on the road to GT5!

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davekaos2826d ago

Great figured for PD and well deserved too!

Now im glad PD released these figures because it proves VG charts is full of SH!T.
If you look at last weeks worldwide software charts it states gt5 is just under 5.5m and has been the same figure for the past few weeks.

That site is nothing but buthurt M$ fanboys

DFresh2826d ago

Though there's fanboys on every game website no there's really nowhere to hide.

gypsygib2825d ago

VGchartz always has to adjust it's PS3 numbers every year when Sony releases the official numbers. It's strange cause for Wii and 360 it's pretty accurate but for PS3 it's always a couple million off in console sales by the end of the year.

I remember in 2010 it had to increase PS3 sales by around 2 million when sony released it's numbers!

zootang2826d ago

The Real Driving Simulator. To think it did that with all the negative video game press.

Shadow Flare2826d ago

People saw past that. The smart ones judged for themselves with their own eyes and used past GT experiences to determine whether to buy GT5. They win. Haters lose.

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zootang2825d ago

I just hope KZ3 goes on to do well.

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jcgamer2826d ago

Congrats PD! I love GT5 :)

Iroquois_Pliskin2826d ago

Damn right! GT5 was very good, i cant stop crashing on Nurburgring with my X1 though its like driving on ice

Finalfantasykid2825d ago

Ya nurburgring is tough, but it is also one of the funnest, if not the best track in the game. Having high downforce helps out tremendously though!

SpitFireAce852825d ago

Congrats to PD this game deserves every sale!!!

iforgotmylogin2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Almost faster than that insert mario game here that sold 10 million so fast (6 or 7 weeks.)

morkendo232825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

million a week??? impressive.
but why are some gamers hatin on GT5 if its doing so well?? im reading SHIFT 2 might smoke out gt5 on other week

showtimefolks2825d ago

so congrs PD keep up the great work

lifetime sales of 15-20million end of 2011 we may be at 13-15million

GT5's lifetime sales could be a scary figure for a exclusive title.

i was watching invisible walls on GT and the guys were showing the NPD numbers and were like where is gt5 i thought to myself these morons think NPD is WW

MostJadedGamer2825d ago

Those are shipped numbers

5.55 million is the real number or as close as we will get to the real number.

dragon822825d ago

Sold is sold as far as Sony or Microsoft care. They SELL them to the retailers and then it is up to retailers to make that money back by selling them to consumers.

Shipped=Sold in the eyes of Sony and Microsoft.

MostJadedGamer2825d ago

It will never pass GTAIV for the 3rd highest PS3 game.

Highest selling PS3 games.

1. MW2- 9.07 million
2. Black Ops- 8.61 million
3. GTAIV- 7.23 million
4. GT5- 5.55 million

dragon822825d ago

So by your numbers it is at 5.5 million in six weeks and you say it will never sell 2 million more?? At this rate it will easily pass MW2 for the #1 spot.

mega BIG time2825d ago

i was one of em.. caught up in the hype.

I put it on the shelf after 10 hrs of play. I'll come back in a year and hopefully find a finished product.

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stonecold32826d ago

congs sony i got my copy on day 1 peace out ?

MaximusPrime2826d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is awesome before that recent update.

After update, its super awesome!

cyborg2826d ago

Kaz deserved it, he worked too hard to please his fans. He had no business doing such huge updates post-release but that guy really cares and I'm happy people care for the series too and it had done so well.

RedDragan2826d ago

It is obvious why Sony has allowed him to put so much into supporting the title.

Take a look at GT5:Prologue sales figures. The extreme majority of those sales came when the game was full price in all shops (approx. £20).

Now multiply the £20 sales price by the 5,200,000 copies sold and GT5:Prologue alone made over £100,000,000! Yup... over £100 MILLION! Some of that money goes into GT5 support!

GT5 will be greatest game this generation!

MaximusPrime2826d ago

people who disagree.

are you telling me that you don't like the idea of remote b-spec race, 3 screens for bigger experience or any other awesome updates?

or you're jealous? ;)

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Shazz2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

lol and to think people actually doubted this game would sell . EAT IT HATERS .

AWAITS THE 1ST TROLL SAYING SHIPPED lol read it from the creators mouth saying SOLD

bitter bots are bitter lmfao

Fox012826d ago

- "sales don't equal quality"
- "shipped/sold to retailers, not sold to consumers"
- "for such a hyped exclusive that even had the whole thankgiving and christmas period this is a dissapointement... Oh wait it's a PS3 exclusive!"
My bad. Awesome game, well done Sony, WE love you.

supremacy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

You act like GT5 was the only thing hyped during that span, what about call of duty black ops and kinect? Where do you leave those two.

Also GT5 came out at the end of november so it only had december as its holiday month.

This is great news, since it contradicts that whole ps3 games dont sell claim.

Just to further add to that ill go as far as to say, god of war 3 sold well, and heavy rain not only received more awards but also went onto sell more than alan wake. And I have to say thats a game (alan wake) I like a lot too.
But this is what happens when you dont advertize something,it doesnt get the recogniton it deserves, not like Sony does much advertizing either, but in that sense it just further proves the point.

Both MGS4 & uncharted 2 are over 5 million units sold, those are great numbers.

GT5 has always been a markee title for the playstation brand and this further proves that. 6 million in six weeks? You kiddng me?

Good job Sony on this one.

God knows,how many new titles you had to fend off for so many weeks of the top spots in them UK and european sales charts.

And lets not forget that whatever these people imply by shiped and sold is the same that should be apply elsewhere as well.

Why is it that call of duty, halo, pokemon, monster hunter autotically mean sold and not shipped? But when it comes to Sony's own ips they automatically fall under this category?

Is it because of the of the media which is manipulated by those with deeper pockets?
And that in itself trickles down to our poor judgment,assesments and review scores which at times makes little sense if at all any.

I dont know, but whatever it is, it needs to stop because the FUD is becoming patheticly noticeable.

Tuxedoassassin2826d ago

Alan Wake had hype that huge, that on every video on Youtube from Machinima, there was Alan Wake real life series and how much it sold to today?
PS. It´s a good game, but hype doesn´t mean sales.

Optical_Matrix2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Well said Supremacy. End of the day, both Nintendo, MS and Sony release sold to retailers numbers. It's called supply and demand. Theres no way to officially track how many units of software or hardware have been sold through to the consumer.

If the initial shipment runs out, the publisher provides more units. It's as simple as that. And with each unit sold through to retail, that copy of the game is as good as sold to Sony, MS and Nintendo as thats where they get their money, from the retailers. THE RETAILERS MAKE MONEY FROM THE CONSUMER FROM SOFTWARE.

So that 8 million or whatever Halo 3 sold, was sold to retailers (shipped)...that 5 million Pokemon Black and White (RPG of the Year 2010) sold is sold to retailers...

If you think publishers just ship games to let them gather dust on store shelves you're stupid. They ship games relative to the amount of demand there is for them.

On topic, Congrats to GT5. It deserves it. During my reading week I'm going to go back to this and Demons Souls as they require a lot of time. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new update has brought to the table.

SpitFireAce852825d ago

You do know this is a racing game right!!

Here have fun with VG crap chartz this should
help you its under tracked....


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FailOverHero2826d ago

Well they do say sold to in shipped

DaTruth2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Only consoles that are selling at a loss get tracked in sold not shipped! The shareholder is more concerned about installed base and the money it will make from games than the money they don't make from every console shipped!

The shareholder makes money on every copy of a game shipped, sold or not!

BubbleSniper2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

take OUT the "overhero"

an there u go.....

guigsy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Every company means shipped when they say sold. However, the actual sales figures won't be far behind, so it's a massive achievement nonetheless.

silvacrest2826d ago

that argument wont wash any more, without proof your just talking nonsense

blackburn52826d ago

Will probably get reported for saying this but haven't you heard? Ever since Kinect fanboys claimed that 8 million Kinect's shipped equals 8 million sold you guys can't use that shipped/sold garbage any more. This is just more proof that Sony's hardware and software still thrive dispite all the haters, trolls and doom sayers.