Has the Xbox 360 finally surpassed PS2/SNES?

XBA writes "Whoa, don’t close out that browser tab just yet! I didn’t answer the question yet! In fact, the question carries a lot of weight, demanding more than just a few seconds of thought and blurting out “360 4 lyfeeee!”

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conjurdevil2828d ago

bunch of writers craving for attention by putting out articles like this.

DavePSU2828d ago

You can tell you didn't even read the piece. Congratulations.

Iroquois_Pliskin2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

bhabuahaauahauhauahauahauahaha hhahahahahahaahahahaahbauaahau mauaauhauahauahuauhaaahhahahha ahhhahahahahahaahahahahahahaha cough cough cough.... damn accelerated ageing...

darthv722828d ago

This is MS 2nd generation in the console business. It certainly is falling into place with the other "2nd gen" consoles from other companies. By that I am referring to its placement and popularity as compared to their 1st and (in some cases) later releases.

Sega had a huge hit with the Genesis/Mega Drive as compared to their 1st: Master System. It even was widely more popular than their saturn and (from a total overall sales) dreamcast. Not to say those later systems were rubish but they just werent as widely accepted.

Same holds true for Nintendo. The NES was huge but I would feel the SNES was even bigger. Besting the N64 and GC respectfully. The Wii has definitely turned things around for Nintendo.

Sony had a runaway hit with the original PS1 but it was the PS2 that put them over the top. While the PS3 is far from equating the PS2 success, it is by far a spectacular machine.

Heck..even look at Atari. Pong may have been their first home unit but it was the versatility of their 2600 that paved the way for gamings future.

Not every company that has released a home console has been as fortunate to make it to the 2nd or even 3rd console release. Those that have, however, have felt the sting of what has come to be known as the "3rd Console Curse". This is where by their 3rd release does not reach the popularity level that their 2nd achieved. No doubt that MS will feel this should they go for round 3.

To equate the success of the 360 with that of the PS2 and SNES would be correct from the point of view I have explained above. It is only the fanboys that would think it is absurd to put the 360 in the same category of other successful 2nd's.

NaiNaiNai2828d ago


Common sense doesn't work here.

Biggest2828d ago

No, bro. It's only fanboys that would put the 360 on the same level as the PS2 and SNES. The 360 had the worst failure rate in the history of consoles. Strike one. The 360 charges for online gaming in a day when online gaming comes equipped for free. But because the general consensus is that XboxLive is a great experience for those that have no choice but to pay, I guess you can call it even. The 360 has games like Halo and Gears of War and has to be compared against hundreds of games from every genre ever created. Strike three. The spin attempted by darthv72 only makes it look worse. The original Xbox tanked so hard that selling 50 million consoles in a day when people waste money on technology every minute of every day looks like a great thing to him. It isn't. It is completely absurd to think that the 360 is on the same level as the PS2 and SNES all because it was a bigger success than the terribly received Xbox.

TROLOLOLOL2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

repect to darth. atleast you explained your point unlike 90% of those that disagreed with you, no doubt coz you mentioned 360 isnt doing half bad.

i remember microsft saying about 2-3 years ago that they had a 3 step plan.
1) to get the xbox brand out there. (xbox)
2) to make the xbox brand a house hold name xbox 360)
3) to further increase brand dominance and become market leader (xbox '720')

(no i did not make this stuff up i do remember it)

@biggest, atleast you explained why you disagree instead of the coutless disagree fairys roaming around the comments.

darthv722828d ago

It's ok how you want to view it. I do have to correct myself in the comment about the NES/SNES. Seems I was wrong there. The NES still holds a lead of roughly 10mil over the SNES but the SNES did best the N64.

NES: 60mil / SNES: 50mil / N64: 32mil
Master Sys: 13mil / Genesis: 30mil / Sat: 9mil
PS1: 103mil / PS2: 150mil / PS3: 48mil
Xbox: 25mil / 360: 50mil

These numbers are rounded approximations. I am not padding them to make one look better or worse. No spin really. Just facts. With the exception of the NES/SNES, my other examples of the 2nd gen systems besting the former is correct.

Respect to you biggest for explaining your reason to disagree with me. Keep in mind that i said the 360 is in the same category of the PS2 simply because of how it faired against the original xbox. Not in the sense that it beats the PS2. I am trying to show the comparisons of the platforms against themselves not against each other. Please understand that.

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conjurdevil2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

"If Microsoft were to announce a new console tomorrow and cut production of the 360 at the end of the year, then it would go down in gaming history as one of the best consoles ever"

"Without question, Xbox Live is the premier online gaming service in living rooms across the world, and might be the single greatest feature that a console has ever been able to boast over their competitors."

tell me that doesnt sound immature? its NOT a very professional written article ! the title was clearly given to get hits.Its a personal opinion trying to gain attention

DavePSU2828d ago

I think you need to go get an education and finish up High School English. Reading comprehension obviously isn't one of your strong points. No, that doesn't sound "immature." Do you even know what the word "immature" means? is a very informative source in case you're confused.

pedrami912828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

--> "You can tell you didn't even read the piece. Congratulations."

It's supposed to be "i can tell"..........

Then again, I can see why you're so defensive of this article, with you being the submitter and all.......

The entire article is just a really big "What if...".

Chubear2828d ago

""Whoa, don’t close out that browser tab just yet! ... let me fill you with bullsh*t first!"

conjurdevil2828d ago


I think you need to stop publishing up articles like that just flare up more fanboyism more than its needed.No one cares about your stupid articles! dont believe me? Read the comments below and as for your comment only people like you go up to for every sentence they write because I didn't know its being published in a book. I'll say what I want when I want because this is the comments section if I said immature I'll stand by it.


cliffbo2828d ago

if MS announced a new console they would stop supporting the 360 within a month just like they did with the first xbox or have you forgotten.

UnwanteDreamz2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


Whoa, don’t close out that browser tab just yet! I didn’t answer the question yet!

Is this the sort of writing that your education enabled? I hope you didn't write this and then insult anyone for being uneducated.


they had to stop it because nVidia stoped making the GPUs for the original xbox. therefor micro could not produce the xbox no longer.

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xTruthx2828d ago

"If Microsoft were to announce a new console tomorrow and cut production of the 360 at the end of the year, then it would go down in gaming history as one of the best consoles ever"

All I can say is lol

Iroquois_Pliskin2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

no really 360?

frostypants2828d ago

I know enough from the title to not bother reading this, because the answer is emphatically "NO".

I mean really? The PS2 is the most successful system of all freaking time. Nothing comes close.

egidem2828d ago

Kinect did sell a whooping amount of consoles. I just want to see people's reactions when they finally open their eyes and find that the Kinect hype train will run out of steam very soon. People need games and so does Kinect if it is gonna continue to become successful. So far, Micros. has yet to deliver on the games end.

bluwulf2828d ago

Bait.Has the Xbox 360 finally surpassed PS2/SNES?


However, the PlayStation 3 is quickly gaining ground from a sales standpoint, while also blowing the doors off of the 360 as far as 2011 exclusives are concerned.

For me personally, it’s going to be difficult for any system to dethrone the SNES and PS2. Fortunately, Microsoft seem to be doing everything in their power to prove me and anyone else that doubts them wrong, and this can only lead to beautiful things down the road for everyone."

2828d ago
BubbleSniper2828d ago

"Has the Xbox 360 finally surpassed PS2/SNES?"


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Vega752828d ago

So does the ps3. But what's your point

IaMs122828d ago

I like the ratio of the agrees and disagrees...

Urrakia342828d ago

Wait did you just admit the 360 sucks???

Vega752828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I do most of my gaming on pc. So compared to pc both consoles suck. But since I play my 360 more and have way more games for it ( 360 60 games ps3 6 games) I would say the ps3 sucks more IMHO. But that's just me


'Agree(11) | Disagree(33) | Report | Reply'

lo exactly 1-3 ratio hahaha

Vega752828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yeah cause agrees and disagree matter so much to me. Whatever will I do if the sonyfanboys don't give me agrees and bubble ups. You put too much value into what people think of your comments. Grow up kid

I see you also failed to see that I said the ps3 sucks also as compaired to pc. Since that's my gaming system of choice. After twisted metal I will be selling my ps3 being that's it the only game I'm interested in on the ps3.

Urrakia342828d ago

@Vega-so then you don't think they suck, they're just not your preference

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fireplace2828d ago

If I recall correctly they are about 100 milion behind.

NaiNaiNai2828d ago

and people say there is no SDF


Baka-akaB2828d ago

"Whoa, don’t close out that browser tab just yet! I didn’t answer the question yet!"

Actually you did with that silly title . Closing it indeed

Raendom2828d ago

Any real gamer will list either the PS2 or SNES over the 360, and for good reason.

The 360 still hasn't got a masterpiece game, maybe Halo 3 is close, I don't think so personally (Can you say Halo in the same sentence as Shadow of the Collossus with a straight face?). Even if we say it's a fact, Halo 3's a masterpiece, that's only one. Whereas the SNES and PS2 have a HUGE list of genuinely un-matched games.

frostypants2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Exactly. The 360 doesn't really have that defining game or franchise that gamers will unanimously name-drop 10 years from now when the 360 is discussed. It has had some great sellers, but I'm talking about game quality. Halo 3 was ok, but it wasn't Earth-shattering. Halo's best days were on the original Xbox. The closest to being defining would be the Gears of War games. But there's just something lacking about the 360's library in terms of variety.

The PS3 for its part has Uncharted 2, which is, IMHO, the best game of this generation and perhaps the last 10 years. Plus it has Demon's Souls, which while being a bit of a sleeper has made a huge name for itself (a bit like Shadow of the Colossus did for the PS2).

pain777pas2828d ago

The 360 lost the Mass Effect series. They have done nothing this gen except xbox live. Halo is a good series but shooters are a dime a dozen. Not one game Microsoft gaming studios has produced that I can say this game is generation defining. UC2, Heavy Rain, LBP, Flower... PS3 does have those type of games. WII with WII sports and Mario Galaxy. Xbox has nothing from first party studios. They are money slingers though so they will seem profitable and on top. #s do not lie though. To be honest after watching some international programming from Australia, Italy and such Microsoft is lucky that they are being proped up by the US market or it would be game over. Everything is in reverse everywhere else in the world. Get out of the bubble.

Stealth20k2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


the 360 hasnt even surpassed the ps3........... ds,gba,psp, original gameboy,psx, or wii (in terms of top exclusives) or most other systems let alone the ps2 or snes

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