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Bounkass2372d ago

Hard to judge at that size don't you think?

plb2372d ago

lol looks like the images were designed for mobiles

hennessey862372d ago

but I think them images show how talanted polyphony digital are, no other game gets close to there lighting system.

elbeasto862372d ago

How thoughtful.. They're finally making gaming screenshots in wallet size... :P

TomInc2372d ago

Lightbox is playing up following an update this morning. Should be fixed now.

TomInc2372d ago

Apologies to anyone who had image issues viewing these. I've just mended the sites lightbox! All images come out at a decent size now.

Gotta say, they have me anticipating the game a lot more myself now they're not wallet sized anymore!

Syaz12372d ago

the first shift was good, and the pagani huayra footage sealed the deal for me.

Dan_Vivian2371d ago

I agree, the first was fantastic and watching that video from yesterday really made me want the game. It is looking fantastic and cannot wait to play it.