DICE 2011 - Killzone 3 Move Gameplay

Chris M. Arnone spends some quality time playing Killzone 3 with a Playstation Move controller.

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gravemaker2828d ago

completed the game with's super awesome, smooth and easy! Dualshock is thing of the past in shooters for me now.

RedDead2828d ago ShowReplies(5)
bmw692828d ago

Looks like it takes a hell of a lot of getting used to...

Boody-Bandit2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Talk in the 3rd person much?

99% of your submissions are from VGChartz and it's the same with most of your post on N4G. You are either defending their articles, opinions and sales tracking whle making back handing comments about anything Sony related.

You don't have to be smarted than a 5th grader to know your intentions.

diehardgamer10002828d ago

do u happen to knw who submitted this article? u trying too hard to be clever

HolyOrangeCows2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

LOL, you trolls made a headline to scare people away from the Sharpshooter. How sad. You spend a few minutes with it at an event and you expect to master it? Ridiculous.

I've read/heard absolutely nothing but praise with how well the Sharpshooter works with Killzone 3.

LOL, how cute. A stealth edit. Now the title suggests no wrong doing/trolling and the description to the article/video suggests something quite positive is to be said about the Move. Stealth edit to troll even deeper and more deviously? Wow. And overall, it suggests that they never made ridiculous judgments from playing it for ten minutes.

Knushwood Butt2827d ago

vgchrtz must be losing hits... Still, the site's owner trying to boost interest by posting flamebait is totally expected.

The irony is, the same kind of flamebait would get you banned from their forums in an instant.

I think Kotaku has more credibility, and that's saying something.

One of the worst gaming sites around.

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MeanOldman2828d ago

think about this.

1 vgchartz is a known ps3 hate site. they underestimate ps3 sales worldwide every time.

2 every site that has had a chance wit the sharpshooter has loved it. this dude is incompetent or just a liar on purpose.

Graey2827d ago

Does anyone know why VG hates Sony so much. I'm not saying they do I'm just asking why the reason people say that they do.

Legion2827d ago

The popular theory is that VG numbers do not live up to expectations of fans, thus the idea that their analysis must be bias.

It works both ways though. If a site produces interest in a product that you favor then you are likely to support it.

Similar to N4G, if you give consistant banter towards one side of a discussion then you will be seen as a fanboy. If you don't balance the banter then the opposing faction will bubble pop your reply capabilities.

It's all a game... just a game that has poor graphics and sad story line.

Redempteur2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Played the beta and the demo with move .. i just can't play without it at FPS on consoles now ...

Precision , freedom , speed ..everything's there ...and you can even tweak it to get even better at it ..

sarshelyam2827d ago

Seriously! These "Move is too hard" articles only make it obvious that the editor hasn't played it, or hasn't calibrated it correctly. It's a precision beast!

clearelite2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Yes, and very difficult according to whom? I heard the Move was difficult to play with and then I posted this artcle...

LOL, I took a chance and watched the video. The guy even explained how he had to play with opposite hands because he is left handed. MISLEADING HEADLINE!

monkpunk12827d ago

its his first time! how can you call this "quality time?" it took me a few run throughs to start to get used to it.... i'm still on the fence about it but i will have a run through with the move when the game lands. if nothing else just to experience something new in shooters.

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Kreyg2828d ago

I played it with the move yesterday and it was surprisingly good.

crazyclown2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

how can someone disagree with you here? I do not understand how someone can disagree with his experience - can someone explain? Were they there when he experienced it?

too many trolls here with no lives

Kreyg2827d ago

Yeah, it happens dude. Killzone 3 is fucking awesome though I'll say that much.

Legion2827d ago

I am assuming that they are disagreeing with his suggestion that move is good. Not his experience, just his report of the experience. Similar to the article which THEIR experience was in direct conflict with Kreyg. They didn't have to be there to experience it with him... they just had to agree or disagree with his opinion on move being good.

Do you see how people can disagree now? To call people trolls because they don't agree with your opinion is futile.

Chaostar2828d ago

There's a learning curve definitely, took me around 2-3 hours to become as proficient with Move as I am with the DS3 but it didn't stop there. After another hour or so I was becoming even better and, not only that, I was enjoying myself a lot more than I would have using a regular controller.

Move is really worth the effort, keep in mind nothing worth doing is easy.

xYLeinen2828d ago

Kinda glad you wrote that.

Shows that move can be used as a hardcore device and you need to "learn" how to play with it efficiently and become good.

Raf1k12828d ago

I can see myself getting the hang of using Move without too much trouble.
The problem I see with the sharpshooter is that you're likely to think about pointing and shooting the way you would in an on rails arcade shooter instead of using move more like a mouse.

Denethor_II2828d ago

You'd be surprised at how many people will give up instantly if they're not good at somthing immediately. I think the success of games like CoD and Halo are a testiment this fact.

Graey2827d ago

You know. There should be an article on how to set the controller up and the various tweaks one could make for it. Seems to me that the Move is actually quite good, but its just the learning curve that people have trouble with.

Personally It was a b!tch learning the move on MAG. But after a bit I started to become...not so much better as I suck at MAG period. But I did feel a freedom not present on a pad.

Its like I have an actual gun in my hand and that feeling I think is what makes it easier. Your transitioning to just pressing the button to actually moving and pressing the button. So your going from a minimal effort, to a medium to high effort depending on your stance and if your incorporating the move along with the sharpshooter.

Joni-Ice2827d ago

@ Graey....There is a website to show how to setup and use move, its called I recommend this site for learning to use Move.

Graey2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

@ Joni

Thanks for the info I'm going to check that out.

update...damn man thanks a bunch, this website will help out a lot.


nix2827d ago

it suddenly becomes intuitive after a while. it's really great.

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DJMarty2828d ago

Like everything ther is a learning curve, practice makes perfect.

Pedobear Rocks2828d ago

It isn't 'very difficult' to play KZ3 with it. It is 'very difficult' to get used to a new input device...once you do it is 'very awesome' to play KZ3 with it.

sarshelyam2827d ago

Well said, bubs and an agree for you Pedobear!

Graey2827d ago

Ha every time I see your posts it reminds me of that episode of "Robot Chicken" where the snuggle soft laundry bear is getting...uh "hugged" by the guy trying to wash his clothes. Brings me to tears (laughing so hard) every single time.

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