Live Chat Taking Place Today with Bulletstorm Devs Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen

"Did you enjoy the Bulletstorm demo? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t; but now you’ve got the chance to throw all your burning questions, regarding the newest first-person shooter on the market, straight at the developers themselves!"

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NJShadow2827d ago

I have to imagine that a conversation with these two is quite interesting. Cliff and Tanya must make quite the "Epic" combination. (Bad joke >.<)

BigWoopMagazine2826d ago

Well, if I wasn't working at 2pm... I have a couple of questions, and I always love swag.

Chapulin2826d ago

No Bulletstorm reviews?

Rampaged Death2826d ago

Empire gave it a 4/5 and Famitsu reviewed it in their latest magazine.

T3mpr1x2826d ago

Oh, this comes out tomorrow? Sorry Epic, but Guerrilla Games already got my money!