Xboxer360 - Top 10: Halo Reach fails

Hugh Stevenson of writes "When I play Halo: Reach, I’ve almost always got a space marines genitalia being rubbed in my face. We’ve all been there. Some people wince. Some scream down their headset about how the “genitalia rubbers” mother’s like some kind of female dog and enjoys coitus on a regular basis."

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ASSASSYN 36o2829d ago

Seriously, analyzing halo fail vids!? How sad.

FanboyPunisher2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

My fail..

Buying reach..
I sold it off within weeks...

Add that one to their list.


I played the shit out of CE, H2, H3 spending hundreds of hours playing competitive MP. Reach is shitty when I view it from past halo games. recoil in a competitive sci-if game like Halo ruined the feel of the game (They added artificial handicap going from H3 to Reach). My buddies with a 360 sold reach for black ops (Both ended up crappy, reach was the worse of the shits though).

Reach ruined my respect for halo, its been dumbed down and noobified.

Halo 3 is better than reach.

The Meerkat2829d ago

The Halo learning curve is a bit steep for some.

It puts a lot of people off.

HeavenlySnipes2829d ago

Learning curve? That game is easy to plaay. IMO they should of left out the classes and just put the ability orbs from Halo 3 into the MP maps. I find I never use any class except the one with sprint. The jetpack is useless, it just makes u a flying target, the invisibility is good but no one uses it b/c of the shit weapons coming with that class and the shield ones are useless too.

Sprint should have been given to everyone (how can a guy in a spartan suit not run longer than a soldier in COD LMFAO) and put those ability orbs across the maps

m232829d ago

I used to only use sprint as well but then I began using other abilities as well, and they aren't as bad as you make them out to be. The jetpack is really useful when you know when and where to use them. Armor lock can be deadly if of course you know how to use it properly.
You say the game is too easy to play yet you can't even use the armor abilities properly.

RedDead2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

These vid were meh. You must have looked for about 10 minutes, the best thing about Halo is all the random shi* that happens in it. Like Cone kills.

Edit---haha I love when shi* like that happens, in Bf bad company, me and a friend were about to get killed by a chopper. A jeep comes over the hill behind us and hits the heli. An amazing site haha

The Meerkat2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I once got killed by an exploding methane tank that bounced off of the inside of my drop shield and hit me in the face.

I was like "WTF?"

I had a good laugh when I watched the replay.

awiseman2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Trolls be trollin

Halo: Reach = Awsome game

PS3 fanboys quick to trash talk it because it destroys KZ3 on all fronts except Graphics. And REAL gamers do not care about graphics.

COD fanboys dislike Halo to because unlike Modern NOOBFARE 2 and Broken Ops..Halo recquires skill to play, something COD players lack.