WWE Allstars Finisher Videos - Rey Mistirio & Piper Released

JI writes: "Today is a great day for gamers who enjoy the WWE brand of beat-down. If you thought the other Finisher moves released by THQ were sick, you need to check out Rey Mistirio and Piper's moves in these new WWE Allstars Finisher Videos that just dropped. The titans are back in action and bringing the heat like no one else can in this title which storms toward our consoles including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as the days tick by."


correction: *Rey Mysterio

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Hitman07692830d ago

Rey Mistirio has some of the best moves in the game!

hatchimatchi2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

i thought his name was rey mysterio jr



just watched the clips, what's with all the color trails and slow motion, looks kind of silly to me. I haven't played a wresting game since 'revenge' on the n64, so I'm probably not the most qualified person on the subject, ha.

Lulabarbie2829d ago

Ray Mysterio! Love the name, love the game!!