What's Gabe Newell's favourite game of all time?

Valve boss Gabe Newell has named Mario 64 as his favourite game in history - whilst labelling Portal 2 as the best title in Valve's lifetime.

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DragonWarrior2827d ago

Wow. I didn't know Gabe had good taste?

meetajhu2827d ago

What a bad taste. John Carmack says Mario and he says Mario kart. I say Quake.

RedDragan2827d ago

I am kinda worried about Gabe.

Anyone who has a neck wider than their head and does not pump iron will not reach 55 years old. He needs to get that sorted and it doesn't look like binge eating neither.

That is a thyroid problem!

Although some will not care, it is going get him into trouble very soon! Training won't help him. Diets won't help him. That guy needs medicine... fast!

R2D22827d ago

Gabe is your poster boy for the average gamer.

Fox should do an ad saying that if you play too much video games and drink too much Mountin Dew with Doritos this is how you will look.

Smacktard2827d ago

I love people that always blame weight on thyroid problems/genetics.

No. You're fat because you eat like a fat person would. He needs to lose weight, and the only way he can lose weight is by expending more calories than he consumes.

Titanz2827d ago

It's a shame that some people actually want Nintendo to fail as a company(not including me of course).

Syaz12827d ago

i dont really think that's the case these days. the wii hype has died down, so not much nintendo basher these days. i didnt like the wii but i respect what nintendo contribute to gaming.

Shok2827d ago

"Not much Nintendo bashers these days"

Dude, you're saying this? On N4G of all places? Seriously man, go to any "The Wii sucks" or "The Wii is good" article and you'll find PLENTY of Nintendo hate.

Studio-YaMi2827d ago

People who want Nintendo to fail are the same people that lost the "fun factor" in gaming.

Most grownups aging from 20 to above know exactly what I mean.

DeadIIIRed2827d ago

Are you saying that games today aren't fun? I miss the games of my youth because there was a little more imagination required from the gamer to build up a storyline. Now the stories are lame and games rely on multiplayer for most of their fun. Don't get me wrong, I find the new games fun, just not nearly as rewarding as the old games.

Etseix2827d ago


i think that even when Nintendo was the one who brought all those incredible games in the past, right now their strategy of remaking every franchise over and over and so on, it's the reason of why people hate N.

Downtown boogey2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Etseix is absolutely correct.


It's all just nostalgia. Todays games are by default better as they're driven by technology which is ever-advancing. BESIDES, weren't many of the games of the old hard as hell? You saying that was FUN??????????

schlanz2827d ago

Remake or rehash or not, smg2 is one of the best games of this gen or ever made for that matter.

People undermine Nintendos games because they are long established franchises and fail to appreciate how Nintendo is able to consistently able to keep them moving forward rather than stagnating. Every developer out there keeps pumping out sequels to their best selling games but none of them take as many risks with them and strive to create something new out of them like Nintendo does.

Smacktard2827d ago

Uh... yes hard-as-hell games are fun. That way you actually feel a sense of reward and accomplishment when you beat them.

The trick is to find a happy medium -- you want a HARD game, but not an UNFAIR game.

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gillri2827d ago

Still a landmark in gaming is Super Mario 64

Darkfiber2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I would have guessed Fast Food for the Atari 2600.

"As the player acquires more points, the speed of the game increases. The transitions between speeds are indicated by the text "YOU'RE GETTING FATTER!"

Seems like the type of game he put thousands of hours into...

Roozium2827d ago

He's one of the greatest game creators if not the best and you're just a pathetic piece of sh*t that judges him because of his weight. Get a life, loser.

Dead_Cell2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

He isn't far off from a Billionaire, and is fat.
You could be fat or not, but still do not make millions, or products in a working enviroment you love.

Gabe wins.

ATiElite2827d ago

I wish I was a genius overweight Billionaire who gets to play Half Life 2 ep3 before anybody else.

crack all the stupid jokes you want but we all wish we were Gabe Newell.

InTheLab2827d ago

I was going to say Fat Princess or Burger Time...But you've ruined my childish fun.

Thanks I guess.

Smacktard2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

He is an amazing game creator, and I respect his ideas. I don't respect his personality much though, due to his weight. And, judging by his weight, he doesn't respect himself much either. Why would you want to mistreat yourself by doing that to yourself? Your weight is a reflection of your personality -- if you're overweight, that typically means you're not dedicated, you're unmotivated, and you have little self-respect.

I respect myself and I respect my body, and so I eat well and work out. Lost 30 lbs so far, and I plan on losing 5-10 more before I start trying to gain weight back via weightlifting.

edit: I'd also just like to add that I'm sick and tired of the "Gabe r fat lolol" jokes too. We get it, already.

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plb2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Portal 2 the best Valve title ever made?? WOW, can't wait to play this one. Hope Gabe isn't messing about with us. Portal 1 was definitely awesome but it will take a lot to beat out HL IMO.

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