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Dead Island HD Preview For The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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Sanii2766d ago

Even though the trailer was CG, it still kicked ass. Zombies are awesome by the way.

FACTUAL evidence2766d ago

I can safely say I'm hyped for this....I always wanted a serious zombie game on the ps3...i wasn't too big on l4d on my 360.

xAlmostPro2766d ago

The flesh & bones thing is a sweet idea xD

Neko_Mega2766d ago

The game looks to be awesome, I hope it isn't like Dead Rising 2. I like the first one but the 2nd just feel like it wasn't build right.

Please no duck tape sounds when building something, Dead Rising 2 did that and took "Duck Tape Can Fix Anything" to the next level.

xAlmostPro2766d ago

Dead rising 2 was meant to be FUn and abit SILLy though, this looks like a far more serious version though xD

Also i dunno why people keep mentioning left for dead and this.. the only similarities are that they're both zombie games and have different 'types' of zombies lol

RedDead2766d ago

Reported for misleading title, sick of this guy posting these 'previews'

ElGoosey2766d ago

Preview - "To provide a preliminary sample or overview of"

RedDead2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

So, normally a preview involve's some new info. Or new footage. But this guys HD video preview is him telling us about the info again. This is a dupe article basically with no new info.

It's fine if he has this on his own site, but on N4G, it's the same as any other article already posted. None of them claim to be previews though. And this is actually a good video, I would just prefere him to stop making it sound new.

Calm Down Sunshine2766d ago

So where's this HD Video Preview I was promised?

TheStee2766d ago

You can't all get mad coz he thought of a cleer way to drive traffic. I'm looking into the tech videos for the game engine because of this video so I found it interesting. Give him a break, he's just playing the game.

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