WWE Allstars Finisher Videos - Eddie Guerrero & Alt Released

JI writes: "Eddie Guerrero is twice as nice as the other wrestlers in the new release of Finisher Videos for WWE Allstars apparently. As Hogan, Kane, Bret Hart, and others got one each showcasing their Finisher moves for the upcoming multiplatform title, Eddie Guerrero has two. Check out these videos showcasing his finishing move as well as his alternate finishing move from the game."

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Hitman07692829d ago

Eddie is the man, remember when he made Chyna his Mamacita? : )

SpaceSquirrel2829d ago

Looks great. I miss Eddie =[

-Mezzo-2829d ago

Great Videos Keep'Em Coming.

waltyftm2829d ago

R.I.P Eddie, Hope this game can do him justice as he was a Legend in many peoples hearts.