WWE Allstars Finisher Videos - Hogan & Edge Finishers Released

JI writes: "Among the great new WWE Allstars Finisher videos released we have seen Triple H & Kane Finisher Videos and now Hogan & Edge finisher videos have also been released to the public. This title may bring the fun back into wrestling titles as it seeks to lean away from the simulation style of past WWE games. Have a look at these new finisher videos yourself to bear witness to the new era."

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SpaceSquirrel2825d ago

The Spear is an awesome finisher

-Mezzo-2825d ago

Agreed, looking forward to the game & the Good times ahead while playing it with my Brother & Pals.

Hitman07692825d ago

Hulk is pretty weird these days though his daughter is definitely hot and he is trying to recover from a lot of bad PR. He seems like a genuinely good guy but looks can be deceiving, would love to talk to him about stuff some day.

Edge still seems like a tables, ladders, chairs maniac!

Kreyg2825d ago

Old school wrestlers were the best.

waltyftm2825d ago

Really looking forward to this, Ultimate Warrior is going to own all you little Hulkamaniacs with the mighty Gorrila press drop.