Gaming's critical darlings, and why we don't play them

How many acclaimed games have you bought, but then never played? Josh examines the gap between the games we’re told to like and the ones we enjoy.

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ChristianGamer2827d ago

Some games have the acclaim AND the sales. Many people forget that Halo is a AAA game and none of its games in the main story series has ever scored less than 90 on meta. Lots of people buy those games, 11 million for Halo 3 and 7.8 million for Reach so far.
Other AAA games that have broken the 5 million mark on a single platform include MGS 4, Gears 1 & 2, Modern Warfare 1 & 2 and GTA IV. So it is possible to have critically acclaimed blockbusters.
Speaking of sales, did you guys know that Kinect Adventures is now 360's 6th biggest seller at 8.43 million? Just plain LOL.

DigitalRaptor2827d ago

Sales are an indication of success - through marketing, strong branding, general word of mouth etc.

There are more critically acclaimed games out there that have not been commercial successes, than there are blockbuster AAA games.

As always, quality is the deciding factor over sales.

And even then, it has been proved on multiple accounts that the gaming media is full of bias and preference that leaks through into apparently "professional" opinion. Sites like Metacritic that measure the "quality" of games have a flawed system.

If review scores were as important as people like to think, so many of us would be missing out on great experiences, whether they are "AAA" or not. And sadly - it happens!

danielle0072827d ago

I never buy games that are definitely not for me, that's just kinda super dumb. Like, I didn't enjoy Twilight Princess for the Wii, so I am not going to touch Skyward Sword, no matter what the critics say. I didn't like the ratchet and clank games, so I'm not going to buy more of them, even though some people really love them.

Grow a backbone, man. Following the crowd blindly, even when you know you won't like it, is literally stupid. Sure, for some series, the sequels perfect on the previous installment. For example, I didn't LOVE Uncharted 1, but I loved the idea of it and a lot of the things it did, so it made sense for me personally to take a chance on Uncharted 2, because they changed the problems I had with it. But if someone hates Tomb Raider & hates cover based combat, and they hated Uncharted 1, it would be literally stupid to pick up Uncharted 2, because the main parts of it are still there.