Playing Games Is Easier Than Being A Pop Star

Citing fatigue, pop star Hikaru Utada is taking 2011 off. She's not touring and not releasing any new albums. Instead, she's doing what many do when they want to relax: she's playing video games.

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imoutofthecontest2830d ago

Well to be fair, it also doesn't pay nearly as much.

bwazy2830d ago

If professional Video gaming was a legit career in which you got paid hourly/ vast (and I mean VAST) sums of money, you can bet your ass that more people would do so competitively. I mean... Why not? They offer the same (if not more to some) levels of entertainment that real athletes/musicians offer.

Then again this could easily be my views as "pop" stars aren't considered real musicians in my book... Especially ones whom use voice enhancers (including, but not limited to auto-tune).