EEDAR VP Divnich Interview on Kinect / Move

"Move is ten times better than Kinect" Editor-in-Chief Chris M. Arnone sits down with EEDAR VP Jesse Divnich to talk motion control, next-gen portables, and more.

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HelghastDrake2826d ago

I absolutly agree with him. Ive owned kinect and sold it, i own move and with it i OWN people online in Killzone 3.

Kinect is a paraody of itself and a joke. Kinect cant be taken seriously.

aviator1892826d ago

Tell that to the millions who have bought it.

GodofSackboy2826d ago

Millions of kids/mums/old people who bought it because "that looks cool" during the advertising blitz on December.

ComboBreaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Move really is ten times better than Kinect.

In fact, the fact that Move has buttons already makes it ten times better than Kinect.

NukaCola2826d ago


What is the numbers. If there are 8 million kinects sold, then why aren't there 8million of anygame? it's one of those things where they bought it played the game that came with it and then it jus sits there.

FailOverHero2826d ago

What are the numbers. If there are 5 million Move sold, then why aren't there 5 million of anygame? it's one of those things where they bought it played the game that came with it and then it jus sits there.

Just wanted to point out how stupid your arguement sounds. While we are at it, why aren't there 48 million of any PS3 games? Why aren't there 150 million of any ps2 games? Why aren't there any 51 million of any x360 games? It must be a lie.
Do really expect 8 million out of 8 million kinect customers so far all to buy the same game? You want numbers? 2.69 million Kinect Sports have been sold. 1.5 million Dance Centrals have been sold. 8.43 Kinect Adventures have been sold-bundled.
800k Kinectimals have been sold. All this in the space of 3 months.
On the other hand 2.2 million Sport Champions have been sold and it is bundled with Move in most cases.
Nothing else is near 1 million
Kinect Sports 2.69 million in 3 months - not bundled
Sports Champions 2.2 million in 5 months - bundled
There are your numbers

ComboBreaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Dude, with those numbers, you're just proving out points again.

All those millions of stupid gullible soccer moms and fat people who thinks they can lose weight by playing video games, instead of hitting the gym.

"But it does prove that most naysayers are Ps3 fanboys who have NEVER even tried it and only hate it because it wasn't made by Lord Sony"

Nah. Most naysayers hate Kinect because it's inaccurate, glitchy, laggy, and it can't do hardcore games, as well as games that require quick reflexes. That's just the truth, man.

Face it man. There's really no anti-Kinect conspiracy like you seem to think so. There's only the truth. And the truth is that Kinect isn't Natal. It isn't what Microsoft promised.

internalbit222826d ago


they will find out when it is gathering dust

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Masamori Sumimura2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

You havent owned kinect you liar. You posted your gamer tag earlier on today and There's NOTHING kinect related in the games you have played. No harry potter , No Kinect adventures , No skittles thing . No kinect sports or DDR. Matter of a fact you only played 4 xbox games and there's no proof you actually played them. It is well possible you've played them alongside somebody who actually owned them and only logged on your live account to get them marked as played and i say this because you havent gotten any acheivements for them. Not even the basic acheivements you get for doing the basic stuff at the beggening.

little fanboy liar.

ChristianGamer2826d ago

Oh man. He might not have ever owned kinect but you have OWNED him big time on that! Watch him claim he used a different gametag to play all his Kinect games lol. This is too good.

ComboBreaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

HelghastDrake doesn't own Kinect.

However, proving that HelghastDrake doesn't own Kinect still doesn't change anything about Kinect.

Kinect is still laggy, glitchy, inaccurate, and generally, a useless device.

Man, if only proving that HelghastDrake doesn't own Kinect can magically make Kinect into a better device.

Stryfeno22826d ago

WOW Masamori...That was just wrong to expose him like that.

FailOverHero2826d ago

But it does prove that most naysayers are Ps3 fanboys who have NEVER even tried it and only hate it because it wasn't made by Lord Sony

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Zir02826d ago

And yet Kinect sold 10 times better than Move

I own Move too its called a Wii ;)

DelbertGrady2826d ago

Everyone in the world except PS3 fanboys are insane. It has nothing at all to do with Kinect being more fun than Move. Thought you knew.

linko18-19902826d ago

You should Try Move b4 u speak, also its similar but move its so much better than Wii, the one reason y i still play my Wii from time to time, its just because of Tatsunoko vs Capcom and i use my Gamecube controllers for that.

DigitalRaptor2826d ago

I'm sure hospital patients doped up on morphine have more fun than people living the daily grind. What's your point? We're talking about functionality here.

In concept (Natal)... it's quite amazing. In execution (Kinect)... not so much. By design, Kinect has been deemed to on-rails, watered down, less responsive experiences.

ANYTHING with buttons has more potential than a camera. Until Microsoft prove that it has some relevant future, it's a waste of resources and a null device.

BrutallyBlunt2826d ago

Really Mr. 1 Bubble?

"I own people in Killzone 3 and i make comments all day long on how terrible the XBOX360 is, i'm so hardcore."

Does anyone take these people seriously? We all know N4G is mostly full of Playstation 3 owners.

Is this what they do all day, invade all Kinect topics day in and day out and tell everyone how nobody likes it? Can the Wii be taken seriously? Is the Playstation 3 the only platform where real gamers go?

I have a Playstation 3 but as an owner i feel embarrassed by the conduct of the community on the forums. Games are a form of entertainment for the young and old, casual or hardcore. It seems to me some people actually get more enjoyment trolling than actually playing games.

Silver3602826d ago

If you watch the interview you can't take this guy seriously. He is not a developer, he runs the financial side of the company. He is an accountant.

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Firstkn1ghT2826d ago

Disagree. Kinect does exactly what it was sent out to do and that's capture the casual crowd. Dance Central is not my cup of tea but guess what?... their is a big audience for games like this and Dance Central is the best their is. Families that own Kinect are loving the games that Kinect offer. Many Kinect games are easily selling over a million with Kinect Adventures getting close to 10 million copies. Has any game on the ps3 sold 10 million yet? What fanboys don't understand that it's not trying to capture the hardcore market, it's trying to capture the families the with young kids. Kinect is taking over the casual crowd by a landslide.

Move on the other hand hasn't really shown much other than Killzone 3. But using MOVE in KZ3 just noobs up the game since it's a lot easier to aim by moving your arm vs. the movement of your thumbs which will cause an unfair advantage. Please Microsoft, DO NOT ADD ANYTHING SIMILAR TO GAMES LIKE HALO OR GEARS! It will just noob it up.

Pedobear Rocks2826d ago

I guarantee you there is a wand controller coming to be used with Kinect.

insomnium22826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Well atleast Kinect has teh sales so we will never hear the end of it. It doesn't matter if they got teh sales with a 0.5 billion marketing push. As long as it got it's sales it is teh greatest eva! Amirite?

Gamefan122826d ago

well yea don't you know sales = best for many people, no matter what the product is.

btk2826d ago

Compared to Move, Kinect is a joke. This year as we see many multi-platform games coming out with good Move support and either bad or no Kinect support.

So what if they sold 8 million in one week or whatever. The year has just started. Support for motion controls are just beginning. The frustration for the 8 million sod who bough Kinect is about to start. It is going to be a fun year watching games with motion support like KZ3, Tennis, Gold, Portal etc and reading about the 99th dancing game released for Kinect.