Ken's Rant of the Week: How Activision is Destroying the Video Game Industry

Here is Ken's rant as to why Activision just might be destroying the game industry.

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Inside_out2853d ago

Activision is only ONE player in the video game industry...saying they have the power in make or break the industry is silly and

Activision actually has alot to do with the massive amount of investment the industry is seeing right now. COd showed everyone from the novice to the biggest dev and pub that if you build it, they will come...and your seeing a huge increase in gaming because if it.

EA releases games, the SAME games, every year. You have any idea how much it cost to secure the rights to these IP's??? They have to make money or the ship will sink. Sitting around for 2-3 and some times 5 years developing a game is not profitable for anyone but the dev, who would love the job security of a 5 year developing cycle.

Let the market dictate what stays and what goes. Activision was/is getting raped by the music industry not to mention the fact that everyone and their sister has a music sim these days...that's not Acti's fault. Trends come and go...tony hawk is like 50 or something now...O_o...people move on. You wait for the next big thing and tried to grab on. The wii had a breakthrough with motion controllers...not a completely new idea but it stuck and now look. Kinect has moved 8 million units in a couple of big thing...maybe...again, the market will decide.

What will hurt the industry is the cost of gaming. It will ALWAYS be about the money. HDTV's, while an absolute must these days is still relatively expensive for the latest and greatest. High end PC's, Blu-ray, lap tops, the latest phone and tablets, 3d gaming tv's and Pc's...I mean the family is seeing unprecedented financial pressure right now to keep up with the " Joneses " as it were. That's not Acti's fault...that's the whole gaming industries fault.

Nintendo is outselling the competition by a massive margin...what's Nintedy and Reggie's motto this gen..." More fun for less money ". That is obviously resonating with the most important demographic out there...the family.

WiIIiam2852d ago

Kotick is a shrewd business man, and sooner or later the Call of Duty bubble will burst in his face. I like those games quite a bit, but they are becoming stagnant. Some other game will come along and become the hot new thing, and Kotick's whole business plan of capitalizing on one series' popularity will cost his entire company big time.

dp2774072852d ago

Sooner or Later people will get bored with call of duty, unless they give major gameplay changes, rewards and maybe pull out a new engine for it, that would be nice to see. If they dont though they better find something else that will hook us after they can CoD.

Kazu0 Hirai2852d ago

Soon enough people will realize how much higher quality the Battlefield series is and COD will go downhill

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