The Witcher 2 Senior Producer Interview

AusGamers chatted to The Witcher 2's Senior Producer, Tomasz Gop, about the game's development, it's changed combat system and the potential for it to hit consoles after launch.

From the interview:

AG: Is the Red Engine capable of being pushed onto console?

Tom: Yeah, we’ve already done tests. Seriously. I have seen [The Witcher 2] working on current-gen consoles... like, we ported parts of the game to make sure that it looks good; it doesn’t look worse than on a PC, and it plays as well and the interface is already ready to control it with a game-pad, for example, so...

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RedDead2855d ago

Game of the year potential. Can't wait.

billythepunk2855d ago

Got hands-on with it too, it's really very good

showtimefolks2855d ago

coming out for console later i thought i read something about it

RedDead2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Nothing is confirmed now, expect it eventually though, it seems they want to do it. Besides the graphics it would be the same experiance on consoles it seems. Although this is one of the best looking games of this gen imo, up there with Crysis.

@ I find it funny, it's competing with quite a few. Skyrim also seems to be raping the problems I had with ES4, ES3 is one of my favourite games.

Substance1012855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Plans for a console release have been put on hold for the moment.

"Besides the graphics it would be the same experiance on consoles it seems."

Only as long as the stock game is concerned, These sort of games should be fully appreciated modded. Problem is once these games go console then the developer tends to get greedy, in the follow up release they take away mod tools and want to instead release DLC after DLC, its happened with almost every game thats gone console.

I personally prepurchased the game from D2D for a mere 36usd, thats almost half the price for a console game. I would strongly suggest buying it on PC.

pr0digyZA2855d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games this year, can't wait.