New racing IP for Activison, suggests analyst

Responding to Activision's acquisition of Bizarre Creations, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks that the developer will create a new multiplatform racing IP.

Although some have suggested that Project Gotham Racing may become a multiplatform title, Pachter pointed out that Microsoft owns the franchise.

A statement on Bizarre's website confirms that one of the two new AAA titles they are about to start working on is a racing game.

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nirwanda3650d ago

bizarre creations making a racing game shock after 5 PGRs and the f1 games.
or sony to drop price of console just like every single console manufacturer has done in the past

could someone find a link to a site that gives me his salary for his predictions

ItsDubC3650d ago

Or instead of a new IP, they bring back Metropolis Street Racer. Unless Sega owns the rights to that as well.

nirwanda3650d ago

but it's currently a dead franchise at the moment but if it could be bought from sega for a resonable price you could have PGR on the xbox and have MSR2 on the PS3 sharing textures and assets for stuff like tarmac car models ms couldn't say anything as the essentially remade msr anyway

razer3650d ago

Multplatform garbage! Only a couple dev's get multiplatorm right but the majority turns out like last-gen garbage. No thanks!