Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD Remastered PS3 gameplay

Lucky japanese PSN users got MVC2 remastered with trophies

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Shang-Long2829d ago

its been on it 4 ever now... i played last night

ABizzel12829d ago

That's what I was thinking. Maybe the US only got the Mvs.C 2 HD with trophies, and this, this game that was just released in Japan is THE REMASTERED VERSION.


Seriously this has been out for a while now.

stefluva2829d ago

its on the US psn 2 i have it...

Raendom2829d ago

I can feel that I'm about to make a very silly comment, but has to be asked : isn't this already on PSN? I actually have it. Called "marvel vs capcom 2" and has trophies and everything.

Or is that some sort of totally different game? (I'm not really a BIG fighting fan)

Kamikaze1352829d ago

It's the same thing already on PSN.

BiggCMan2829d ago

Man I remember playing this all the time years ago, and always thinkin to myself "I really wish there was more music for the main menu" That song just loops over and over and over haha. Awesome game.

Burning_Finger2829d ago

I don't see any difference from the original version..

Another Capcom ploy to rip-off people..

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The story is too old to be commented.