OXCGN’s Stacking Review A Unique Experience That Can’t Be Missed


"Every now and again, a title comes along that isn’t very large, but packs a punch of creativity that will leave you breathless.

The wonderfully strange Tim Schafer and his fantastic team at Double Fine Productions have produced yet another signature “What?” title, in the form of Stacking which hit the PSN and XBLA last week. We take a look at the XBLA version.

This time, though, it was not another monstrosity from Schafer’s mind; he only supervised. But that’s not to say Double Fine Productions created any sort of “normal” game in any way, shape or form. Far from it in fact."

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BadCircuit2855d ago

This game sounds like it would be very enjoyable to play but as the author said nobody had heard of it. I sure haven't until now. I'm sick of having good games that people never hear of.

NukaCola2855d ago

Tim Shafer promoted this on G4's FeedBack and its all over the PSN/XBLA. Game needs more love. BTW Tim Shafer said Double Fine is making 4 smaller games simultaneously. Costume Quest, Stacking, and two more to come...oh JOOOYYY!!!!!

Godem2855d ago

never heard of it until recently.. sounds like a tempting game to buy

gaminoz2855d ago

Saw something about it in the new GameInformer, but yeah...otherwise nothing. There should be more joint promotion from MS I think, besides just on the dashboard, and websites should feature more info on DLC games. Not just COD this and Killzone that.

XboxOZ3602855d ago

The promotion should be throughboth MS and SOny, as it's available on both networks actually.

It's a crying shame games like this do not get the promotional $$'s that many of the half-baked disc-based games do that are basic flops.

One of the biggest failings of both networks is the amount of promotion outside the actual network that is done, so general public, the ones that would buy these types of games, never see them.

So sales never really achieve what they could if given even half the marketing from the networks, both MS and Sony.

despair2855d ago

Well considering Sony dished out and gave it away launch day for free to PS+ members I'd say they gave it all kinds of love(that sounded dirtier than I expected).

Got it that way and 100% it in 3 days, excellent game and I just wish it was longer but very different from the norm.

XboxOZ3602854d ago

@ despair

Agreed, but what I'm talking about more, is getting such titles out to the general public, who are the ones that would buy such a title 'faster' than those who are perhaps stuck in the whole "if it doesn't have a gun I'm not interested" style of gamer, which there are way too many of these days.

Hydrophobia was like this, excellent game, great water mechanics, got seen by few, and played bey even fewer.

Yet as a disc based game, it would have received a huge budget for the game in stores and press.

Baba19062855d ago

love the game so far. =D really fun.

chainer30002855d ago

Just saw it is free on PSN+ right now. Cool, saved me 15$. I'm enjoying what little I've played, only about 30 minutes, but unique is certainly a good adjective for the game.

gaminoz2855d ago

What a great idea from Sony to try and show subscribers more benefit. I don't have PS+, but Xbox Gold subscribers should get more than they do imo.

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