IGN: Bring On The HD Remakes

IGN: With Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Beyond Good & Evil, Metal Gear Solid and so many more historic gems set to receive a second life, 2011 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the HD remake. Whether you see these refurbishments as a chance to introduce a new audience to classic titles or pure and simple profiteering, more announcements are inevitable. Here's what we'd like to see get the high definition treatment ASAP.

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Baba19062830d ago

i was really impressed with the sly cooper remake. soooooo much value for one Bluray. starts a little slow with the first game but picks up to be one of the best experiences i had gamewise lately.

eggbert2830d ago

I loved the first and third game. I disliked the Prison level in Sly 2, and I kind of stopped playing it at the level with the lightning towers because I had no idea what to do.

Baba19062830d ago

hmm you had to destroy the towers while they were not charged. had to be really fast. but i must say i loved the second better than the first one but it is pretty long. and gets a bit repettitive, while the third one keeps getting funner becouse of the many different characters that get introduced. i cant wait for a new Sly cooper for the ps3 =D.

ZombieAssassin2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Metal Gear Solid was confirmed?? If so !

Yi-Long2830d ago

... I haven't played any of the PS1/PS2 games, except for MGS1 for 2 levels on the PC (and loving it!)

So for me, that would be the bargain of a lifetime :)

That said, I would love a HD remake of:
- Def Jam, Fight for New York.
- SSSX3 (I would be more hyped about a HD remake of that classic than I am about the new serious looking one...)
-Shenmue 1 and 2 (in their original language
-Rallisport Challenge 2 (best rallygame ever)

... and I would like to see some Amiga-classics getting a modern 2D HD update, like Turrican and Superfrog.

MrBeatdown2830d ago

Did they just accidentally confirm the Metal Gear Solid HD remakes? I thought there was only that one rumor from a UK PS3 magazine.

NukaCola2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

There was that article that stated "When fans see what Kojima is doing with the Metal Gear Solid series." This isn't directly quoted, but it was in an article talking about HD Remakes.

I also believe the GTA Trilogy is coming
and probably FFX & FX-2

BEST NEWS: The first Oddworld game Abe's Oddysee is getting remade in vivid high definition. I think this is the first HD remake of a PS One game. And knowing it's staying true to the series and keeping it 2.5D just exites the hell out of me.

Eyeco2830d ago

To be honest MGS hd remakes are inevitable, Confirmed or not.

thebudgetgamer2830d ago

i buy hd remakes for the same reason i own the vhs, dvd and blu-ray version of the godfather.

take something good and make it more gooder, i will buy it.

eggbert2830d ago


Eggbert demands it!

thebudgetgamer2830d ago

yea, he doesn't have arms. cant even make an angry face.

showtimefolks2830d ago

so did ign just confirm mgs hd remakes

jak series in hd 1-3 plus combat racing so 4 games for 49.99
gta 3,vc and sa
kingdom hearts 1-2
god hand on psn/xblive
contra in HD
ratchet and clank 1-4 from ps2 also for 49.99
plus many more

i will always buy these hd-remakes just because much better value 3 games for one price in HD

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The story is too old to be commented.