Best Buy & GameStop Signal A PS3 Price Drop

Is there a PS3 price drop imminent? If the industries top retailers have anything to do with it, it looks like the PS3’s price is coming down. Since the start of February GameStop has been offering gamers the opportunity to start their Life with PlayStation on a 50 dollar price cut.

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LordMarius2828d ago

I dont think a price drop is coming, its probably that they are being replaced with games bundles like the KZ3 bundle so they need to get rid of the old models

mugoldeneagle032827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

And they've been running the $50 gift card deals pretty much every other week. We even had a 2 day sale w/ $100 gift cards once.

Though I don't know how that hints at the price drop. Sure Sony could just keep it at $249.99 I just don't think you'll see the price drop any time soon. At least not till E3, probably to gain momentum for R3 & Uncharted 3

tmt3452827d ago

PS3 went an entire year without a price drop in 2010. That was the first time that ever happened.

This price drop should not be surprising.

Bigpappy2828d ago

Thats still a temporary price drop, no? Expect M$ to find a reason to do the same.

DFresh2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Pretty sure every platform will have price drops at E3 2011.

$50 price drops all around.

-120GB/160GB = $250
-250GB = $300
-320GB = $350
(Sony might announce a 500GB Model.)

Xbox 360:
-250GB = $250
(Possibly announce a 300GB-350GB Model.)



Let's play the wait and see game.

This will be a good thing because I was considering a Wii for a long time to add in addition to my PS3/PC and this could make me want to buy one.

More than anything I believe the 3DS/PSP2 could lower in price before we can see the numbers truly grow.
($199 is the sweet spot I think for a hand held. Anything above that in my opinion is too expensive.)

eggbert2828d ago

the 320 gig is already at $350, and it replaced the 250 gig. 120 gig was replaced by the 160 gig.

So the list should be
160 GB - $250
320 GB - $$300
PS Move 320 GB bundle - $250

120 and 250 Gig models are discontinued, but the leftovers are still being sold.

I'm thinking the 360 will have a price drop of $50, and $75 off the kinect bundle. That'd improve the kinect bundle sales at least.

Wii can do whatever they want, they've already won as far as sales go.

KiraxYamato2827d ago

@eggbert how is the PS Move + 320GB Bundle cheaper than a regular 320GB and the same price as a 160GB? lol

Death24942827d ago

As far as America goes, I'm going to say September. America really only shines during holiday season.

scofios2828d ago

The only thing left for M$ then is to give them for free , since they where doing price cuts since 2007 , the thing is even cheaper then the wii since 08 .

DFresh2827d ago

Yeah the Arcade right now is $99.
Anything lower then that Microsoft is giving it away for free.

hot1112827d ago

I think that you will be surprised when you see this month 360 ASP;)

gorebago2828d ago

I hope so my launch ps3 is on it's way out - I can't play the kz3 demo w/o it going through menopause. A $50 cut would make the pain easier to bare.

fromasterjay2828d ago

Here's hoping for a $199 PS3!

Urrakia342828d ago

Although it'd be nice, I seriously doubt it'll happen anytime soon.

kneon2827d ago

I think that's a low probability event, but perhaps if Sony are thinking that they will make back the difference with the onslaught of exclusives coming out this year then maybe they will do it.

deadoralive13372828d ago

That would be a "GG 360" in a matter of seconds.

DFresh2827d ago

In 2-3 years i could see that happening.

CaptainPunch2828d ago

A $250 PS3 would be a steal

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