Great games your (Crappy) PC can run! (Part 1)

Revolt-Tech Writes:

After my recent investment in $2000 dollars worth of hardware to build my own PC, I have found myself playing games with system requirements of a laptop more often than I would have thought. Running Crysis at max is a visual treat, but some of the best games out there don’t demand you have the best budget. If you’re looking for some games for the PC or laptop, worry no more about you abysmal system specs: These games should all run well

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homersimpson2830d ago

San Andreas is good for any PC. The sheer amount of mods just makes it rediculusly replayable

Big_L2830d ago

If they did the same with GTA 4, i'd still have it installed

ugabugaz2830d ago

Especially SA-MP. The player limit is now like 400 I think? That's crazy.

imvix2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Thats the thing with PC gaming, you buy a game today, over time it keeps getting better. Once you buy on console its the same experience even 10 years later (that is if youc an still play it, since you probably wont be getting BC with the next box).

I remember i played Crysis 1 in 720p back when it released in 2007, then i 2009 i played it in 1080p maxed out. Again today in 2011 i am replaying the game almost maxed out with 2x AA in eyefinity (aka three screens) its freaking awesome experience with eyefinity.

Same thing with GTA 4 i played the original in 1080p, however the GTA episodoes i played with eyefinity, which just is a different experience.

This is GTA 4 running in eyefinity:

SuicideShaun2830d ago

@imvix Pc gaming is beautiful...

jashmister2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I think SA-MP is prity much dead now,I think there is another SA multiplayer mod out there that does actually good movement on the char's making versus actually playable.

That was a long time ago now that I used to play sa-mp the aussie servers are probably dead. :< and I always had so many CLEO mods that if i accidentally activated one i would get instantly kicked and sometimes Instantly banned :3
good times

imvix2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


Got over 150 games on Steam alone. The games cost darn cheap compared to the console versions, and are mines to keep for a very long time since PC doesnt have BC issues and even when they do occur there always are work arounds most of the time. With console when they dont want you doing something most likely you cant. If they dont want you play Halo 2 online you just cant. If they dont want you playing PS2 games on PS3... well you will just need to go out buy PS2 again.

Since the games cost darn cheap on PC, either you could just save a ton of money, or you could invest in upgrades and try out new tech like 3D in 1080 60fps with over 500 titles (not some gimmicky 20-30titles) or you could go multiple screens aka eyefinity or Nvidia surround.

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writersblock2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I`d add halo, splinter cell and Call of Duty 1+2

homersimpson2830d ago

COD and halo maybe, but I kind of doubt splinter cell would run

The original was all about the light-dark system, so its pretty lighting intensive. Wont work with a crappy PC i think

Big_L2830d ago

Nah, I've had splinter cell running on an old HP Pavillion

With low graphics the FPS was like 30

Big_L2830d ago

I've got an expesive PC and I still run shitty graphics because they tend to be more fun

SuicideShaun2830d ago

Why would bad graphics be more fun?

jashmister2830d ago

Why would extreme graphics be more fun?

poindat2830d ago

Graphics don't make the game. They make it pretty, maybe, but they certainly don't make the game.

Zinc2830d ago

Why would having the settings lowered be more fun for you? I mean, you can do what you want, but I really don't get it and I am currently playing Stonekeep using DOSbox and the game was produced in like 1995. So, I understand that graphics aren't what make a game...still, if you have such a great PC (I'm assuming it is and by expensive, you mean a recently purchased modern machine), why not utilize its capabilities when playing newer games?

jashmister2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

a few reasons that I can think of:
It doesn't really matter.
graphics not as distractingly beautiful.
some games low grass/bush/tree textures can be close to cheating.
graphics aint so crash hot so why have it maxed.
easier to run in a window/multitask on demand then resume the game without it taking a lot more time to get back into the game.
Its all a choice of opinion some people just don't care.

f7897902830d ago

What a waste of money. He could have spent $1000 and still maxed out graphics. Then in 3-4 years he could have done the same.

SuicideShaun2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Ok? You could buy a ps3 for 600 and it's automatically outdated and you just have to get rid of it for the next one. You act like it's not fun to upgrade and play around with your pc. It's f*cking awesome to know things about technology. Ever seen water cooling or 3way or quad sli? Shit is awesome.

Get educated son.

atticus142830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

rofl get educated? hes perfectly right...around 1k will let you play anything you want and you can spend the other 1k on something else or save it for future upgrades, theres just no reason to buy water cooling or quad sli...sandy bridge OCs to 4-4.5 ghz on air and the scaling in quad sli is horrible and in some games even cause a negative performance hit, if your not satisfied with one card, 2 cards is the max anyone should go with. The only excuse to balloon up your PC's cost is the expense of picking up an SSD for your OS/favorite programs, but really its just a convenience not something a gamer pc must have...

also thats what the article is saying in the first place..the guy spent 2k on a rig and found himself still playing older games...because even all that horsepower is used on so few games it doesnt really even matter when you find yourself going back to old favorites or the plethora of games that dont require the horsepower you just invested in.

homersimpson2830d ago

If you arent a PC gamer you wont understand the costs. He might have spent $2000, but by upgrading the graphics card and RAM for like $200 every 4-5 years he could make that PC last over a Decade playing the newest games

RXL2830d ago

i guess i have an impressively crappy laptop cause it can not play none of these =(

*hates you all with moderately decent to awesome pc's/laptops*

thebudgetgamer2830d ago

my laptop is so crappy i cant play youtube videos in wide screen because it's to slow.

RXL2830d ago

bubbles for you for feeling my pain my budget brother

Brawler2830d ago

Well if your running HD makes sense it takes alot of cpu or gpu power to run hd videos.

Hassassin2830d ago

I can run Crysis 2 with my laptop.... (costed me 800 bucks)

jashmister2830d ago

That's rather good but Crysis 2 is better optimised making it easier to run, and that probably would kill your battery rather quickly.

StbI9902830d ago

Get ONLIVE, although not 100% to its installable counterparts...any low end pc can run it...and yes I feel you, my mini lapto can't even stream a full movie online xD.
But good for me, ain't on to put sht on a pc simply to play games...NGP and 3DS r coming for that.

Zachmo1822830d ago

I have the 4500mhd on my laptop so i can play some shit lol.

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