MMGN: Killzone 3 Review

The frenzied FPS that is Killzone 3 is not your average conflict-based shooter; it thrives on epic set-pieces and incorporates a rather unique control scheme, but what sets this shooter apart from others is its character, fueled by stunning visuals, a satisfying campaign and a superb multiplayer component.

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talltony2770d ago

ahhhhh I want to play it already!

Maddens Raiders2770d ago

I daydreamed about (yeah, really) while at work or doing other things was BFBC2... but this was much worse: I actually neglected my work and didn't return phone calls while involved with the KZ3 Beta. Lock & load gentlemen, the Guerilla Gods have done it again.

CatGlue2770d ago

Such a high rating. I haven't played it using the Move controller yet, wondering if it is any good, sore arms maybe?

NukaCola2770d ago

Move works very well with it. The melee is sketchy though. Should of mapped a melee button. Maybe in a patch, but everything with Move is near perfect.

BrianG2770d ago

Works great with Move. Also you can rest your arms on your legs just like with a regular controller. No need to aim like your holding a light gun.

BryanBegins2770d ago

I'll likely play through the singler player using Move, simply because it's fun (though I'll probably have to play on easy at first lol). But I don't have enough time to invest to become good enough with it to play online.

And NukaCola is right, the melee is not perfect.

Gaetano2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Move is great with this game.

hellerphant2770d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy. It looks pretty epic!

RXL2770d ago

i don't know if i should get this or Marvel versus Capcom 3


*punches my cat*

TooTall192770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Get Killzone 3. Capcom will almost certainly release a better version of MvC3 in a few months.

RXL2770d ago


bubbles for your opinion

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