Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review "So is Marvel vs Capcom 3 everything that we've been waiting ten long years for? Undoubtedly so, and though the game does have its drawbacks, the positives quite heavily outweigh the few negatives the game has. A far cleaner roster, more interesting cast and far more defined characters mean that you would have to be playing the game for an extremely long time for it to get old. On the same page, future support in the form of downloadable content may just keep players who are getting tired of their current teams to mix things up as the roster continues to expand outward."

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ShawnCollier2854d ago

Got this game earlier this week, haven't been able to play it yet due to uni, but it looks like a lot of fun. :)

Good score. :D

gaden_malak2854d ago

For those who are fans of fighters. Do you ever come across games that get too easy? Or do games like this and Street Fighter have a good challenge to it?

catbusmillionaire2854d ago

Smash Brothers was too easy for me.

Optical_Matrix2854d ago

I play any good fighter personally. This isn't as hard as Street Fighter. In fact I find this rather simple but, not overly simple if that makes sense. I'm a Smash Bros Vet as much as I am Street Fighter vet. As long as the fighting game is fun and I can get a lot of time out of it, I'll play it.

Hardedge2854d ago

Gotta get this, but KZ3's first up on my shopping list.