Monster Hunter Freedom Unite... finished

Game Critics:

I finally finished the single-player campaign in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The thing that makes this such an accomplishment for me (to start with) the game is absolutely huge. I never would have expected a PSP game to be so deep and expansive, but it's larger than a lot of console games I've played. It's also significantly larger than Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii.

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adlt2825d ago

Glad to see a fellow MH player here. Glad you finally "finished" it! Now all you have to do is make all the weapons and armor you want to get. Other than playing with your son have you played online? It makes the experience so much better!

Here is a guy I play with and he makes a bunch of multiplayer videos. It makes the experience so much better when someone heals you when you can't yourself :D

If you enjoyed MHFU you should really try MHP3! It's a great addition with new weapons from Tri and new monsters and ahh it's great.

Rant Over/a

Bloodshedder2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

i made that video hope you enjoy it...

ive finished all quest G rank all ofline

hardest quest Monster Hunter but ive done it


adlt2825d ago

Nice video man! Ukanlos GS is fun to use, love the Red Khezu armor too. Ever since MHF.

Bloodshedder2825d ago

it aint kezhu its Teostra with shen gaoren, with set you ukanlos negative afinity goues to cero and 1 more sharpness i think...

Nitrowolf22825d ago

finished this game also. Now all whats left is a PS3 version.

Bloodshedder2825d ago

yes give me a PS3 version!!!!!!!

Visari2825d ago

I couldn't care less now that God Eater Burst is coming out soon and that is a lot better than the Monster Hunter games.

CrescentFang2825d ago

I think NBGI made another clone but it has the Naruto label on it. I know its subtitle is Kizuna Drive but that's it and its on the PSP too... I'm not too sure how to approach God Eater Burst (I can't believe they had to make it Gods Eater Burst, because of the religious folks in America are uncontrollable...)
Anyways I haven't actually seen any gameplay for it, but I like the character art :) (I haven't seen the monsters/creature enemies carefully enough yet though, only in the manga)
Waiting for Portable 3rd, oh man the wait is killing me and Disgaea 4 too...