Game Design Essentials: 20 Open World Games

The second in Gamasutra's 'Game Design Essentials' series, following '20 Difficult Games', looks at the roots and design lessons of 'open world games' - titles in which the player "is left to his own devices to explore a large world" - from Adventure through Metroid to Grand Theft Auto.

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MK_Red3949d ago

I loved the 20 Difficult games article and this one seems to be another great one (Informative and nostalogic).

squallsoft3949d ago

yea thats why i posted this. if i was going to make a list of the best open world games ever made, Super Metroid would be at the top...

malingenie3949d ago

Good article by nostalgic folks for nostalgic folks.

squallsoft3945d ago

...beat the original Metroid on the NES?