Guerrilla: Killzone 3's Cover System Makes Us Unique

Much was made about the cover system in Killzone 2, as it became an important part of the action, and Guerrilla Games has further refined it in Killzone 3, so much so, that they feel it separates their game from the other first-person shooters on the market.

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Hardedge2828d ago

It's one of the few shooters to do it, I'll give it that, but it won't be the first time an FPS included a cover system. If anything, however, KZ3 does it really well.

mephman2828d ago

I still never really found myself using the cover system in Killzone 2 though, I doubt Killzone 3 will change my opinion of it.

Hardedge2828d ago

That's the thing, it works well, but you're not compelled to actually use it. It's there if you want to though xD I don't use it a whole lot myself and it's not even in the multiplayer mode.

Nitrowolf22828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Only time i used the cover system is where i can't crouch behind the wall and peek over but i can stand and peek out the side. I like doing that, i wish it was in MP mode, would make things a bit more interesting with a cover system, but if the game was intended to be fast pace shooter online then no.

KingDustero2828d ago

KZ2's was a tad annoying to use. It just felt awquard to hold both L1 and L2 at the same time.

However I really like how one doesn't have to hold L2 to stay in cover now. It makes the controls feel MUCH better. I now use cover a lot since it isn't a pain to use anymore.

claterz2828d ago

I think it's much more useful when playing through the game on the hardest difficulties, other than that you don't really need it. Feels pretty good from what i've experienced in the demo though.

beavis4play2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

none of you used cover much (in KZ2)???? if you didn't - you died.......a lot. the level with the snipers? and the "capturing the courtyard" level; in the palace......these are just examples - if you people are saying you used "run and gun" through that i don't believe you. too many bullets flying and too many enemies shooting at you at once - you couldn't target all of them at the same time! you HAD to use cover.

there are many moments you needed to use cover.

-Alpha2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I used K2's cover system quite a bit. But it wasn't anything anyone ever really talked about. It was there, but it wasn't exactly that big of a deal.

I will say though that I enjoyed the change of pace: it simply offered a slower way to play as opposed to running and gunning. On the harder difficulties it is very useful.

I like the new slide-to-cover feature in K3.

Killzone's biggest draws were the graphics, atmosphere (for me), and controls (which in the single player were absolutely great).

The heavy recoil, heavy controls, loud sounds, etc took priority over the cover feature which was something many people easily overlooked.

For K3 all that is there but the real star is the brutal melee which is so fun and satisfying.

Redman222828d ago

Try playing on elite mode and you tell me if you think you'll need to use the cover system or not. lulzl

Hardedge2828d ago

You don't have to use the cover system even on Elite mode, you make your own cover like you would with any other FPS. It's not essential to get through the game.

MidnytRain2828d ago

"KZ2's was a tad annoying to use. It just felt awquard to hold both L1 and L2 at the same time."

That's true only if you changed the control scheme. If you used the default (the way the developers intended for it to be played) you wouldn't have run into that issue. I personally like using default controls in all of my games. They give each one a unique feel.

Inside_out2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Usually, when I go into cover, in any game, it would be nice not to get shot while in cover. I'm NOT a fan of the cover system in KZ 3 and actually spent more time trying to flank the enemies as hiding in cover causes the AI in KZ 3 to hide behind cover and never move except for the typical head pop up...dismal AI in that game and yes, played ALL difficulty levels.

MOH: Airborne had a similar fps cover system but theirs worked...Not the best quality vid but you can see the basics. When your in cover, your invisible. Pushing the sticks up or to the left/right allows you to sneak peak over/around cover and fire. The game was actually alot of fun with AI that would attack you if you got with in ten feet of them...

I also like the third person version used by the Rainbow Six Vegas games where the camera pulls back to reveal a third person perspective...

I think Brink will have the fps cover system as well as game play to beat this year...

Brink movement trailer...

Gears is a tps but lets face it...these games are all trying to be Gears...Gears is the gold standard...

The cancelled PS3 game 8 days had/has some of the best looking cover mechanics out there. Lets hope Sony gets off their lazy asses and get this game done...

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tweex2828d ago

Cover systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and Killzone is definitely a big player!

DragonWarrior2828d ago

But its not in the multiplayer!! Stimpy you idiot!

JDouglasGU2828d ago

they had to take it out of multiplayer to encourage a quick pace.

Legion2828d ago

Wondering why that is so when other games left it in multiplayer and it didn't prove to slow the pace of the game at all. I.e. Rainbow six series, Gears of War as a few examples. Cover system itself does not slow games down. It is how levels are constructed that defines the pace of the game. Now if for some reason they couldn't deal with constructing levels with proper cover strategy... well that is something completely different. Don't blame cover system... blame level construction.

Hardedge2828d ago

If it was, I'd imagine online would become a lot slower, kinda like the old Rainbow Six games! Man I loved those, especially Rogue Spear.

Even if it were in the multiplayer, I doubt I'd use it.

sp1deynut2828d ago

...cover systems. Shootouts felt much more realistic and made MP more challenging.

BeOneWithTheGun2828d ago

Man i miss the old rainbow days. Those were some of the best mp matches I have ever played.

Pixel_Enemy2828d ago

They should keep it in multiplayer since you can still be killed while using the cover system. Your head still sticks out above the cover.

claterz2828d ago

Cover systems shouldn't be used in multiplayer! unless it has destructible environments so you can just blow up the cover.
A perfect example of how a cover system ruins a game is Uncharted 2, people could just sit behind a ledge without even a little part of their head sticking up.

DragonWarrior2828d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas was freakin awesome, and it had the perfect cover system. You should try terrorist mode on R6V2 with your friends. Its amazing. Too bad more fps's dont incorporate it.

Legion2828d ago


perfect example of a game that used cover system and it enhanced the experience. And if anyone played RS Vegas then they would know the hectic quick battles that can be fought.

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OhReginald2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i love killzone 3's cover system. sliding in and out of cover is boss. They pretty much have the best first person cover system out there. You can slide in to and out of cover, you can vault over cover, and lean and peak out of cover, its the best.

Gamehead362828d ago

All I did in the demo was slide around lol its so cool

RevXM2828d ago

Agree, the only thing I missed was the ability to shoot while (POWER) sliding! Rock and Roll!
I mean that would be awesome.

2 more freakin days until Kz3!

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