DamnLag - Inside the Moon: The Power of Majora's Mask

Steve writes: "Majora’s Mask is a video game experience like none other; a completely alien and exotic ride cloaking one of gaming’s most influential and cherished formulas. Trying to understand its power, its effects, and its rising affection is about as arduous a task as attempting to explain how three musical pitches can have such an emotional impact on a person. But Majora’s Mask deserves such a comprehensive study, for it is one of gaming’s most unique and artistic achievements. It may not top any greatest games list, but there is no argument: Majora’s Mask stands all by itself in gaming lore."

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FlyWestbrook2462d ago

may very well be the best game ever made

Xanatos20002462d ago

Very interesting article. I need to go ahead and try and finish the game now.

GamingGuru2461d ago

Agreed on the article, great stuff.

LukeWashingTons2461d ago

Hell yeah, Majora's Mask was the shit! I don't see why people don't acknowledge it as the superior N64 title.

catbusmillionaire2461d ago

I still prefer Ocarina but Majoras was still cool

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