Prepare For Dragon Age 2 With ANOTHER Great Console Awakening Price

We posted this great deal on Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening a few weeks ago, but the price had went back up. It’s tag has been lowered yet again, so get in on it while you can!

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lelo2play2827d ago

I'm more exited for The Witcher 2 or Diablo 3.

MAJ0R2827d ago

me too

DA2 looks like GOW combat, but worse

Blacktric2827d ago

Go comment to some other article then. Preferably, something related to The Witcher and Diablo, not Dragon Age. Nobody needs your unimportant insights about one of the possible game of the year candidates of 2011.

jsslifelike2827d ago

Agreed and agreed, but also agreed. If that makes any sense. Awakening was great, though- especially for about $1 USD per hour of gameplay.

Lord_Ranos2827d ago

I have the ultimate edition.:)