Review: Stacking [TGV]

Excerpt: After their first excursion into the downloadable market with Costume Quest, developer Double Fine are at it again with Stacking, a quirky adventure game that shows that they are still unmatched in the industry when it comes to the unique styles and concepts in their games...

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RustyMagus2829d ago

The only problem I have with this game is that everyone constantly contributes it being a "Tim Schafer game" when it's not...

Though I'm definitely looking forward to playing it either way.

NukaCola2829d ago

uh, it's a Double Fine game which is made by Tim and his team. explain what you are talking about.

Oh, game's great btw.

Herminator2829d ago

While Schafer oversaw it, the guy who came up with this concept, and was lead designer, was Lee Petty.

While the other Double Fine games has very much been from "the mind of Tim Schafer", Costume Quest, Stacking, and the two unknown smaller titles are all made by people on his team that submitted their ideas.

Agrias2829d ago

This one got me from the trailer, wanna play it so much.

Sidology2829d ago

Man, I love Double Fine. I hope this goes on sale soon so it'll prompt me to pick it up.

borisfett2829d ago

I approve

Getting this as soon as I have the points.